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Intel confirms clock speed irrelevant for notebooks

Pentium M far better than Pentium 4M. It's the end of megahurts madness
Wed Mar 19 2003, 10:47
INTEL CURRENTLY SELLS a number of different microprocessors for notebook engines but its latest wheeze is the Centrino collection which uses its latest and greatest chip, the Pentium M.

And figures on Intel's own website clearly demonstrate that anyone who chooses megahertz over real performance is clearly on a hiding to nothing.

At Intel's web page, here, there is a bar on the right headed "Tools".

If you click on the "compare performance" link, there are two natty charts which clearly demonstrate you'd be a fool to buy a 2.40GHz Pentium 4M.

A Pentium M 1.60GHz processor outperforms the 2.40GHz part and the Pentium III-M which we have in our own brand new machine.

The battery life shows that the Pentium 4M processor is clearly a hog. Mr Centrino flies ahead of the 2.40GHz processor, while even the humble Pentium IIIM, the ancestor of the Banias, shows that if you want that notebook to go a little bit further, the last thing you should buy is the notebook version of the Pentium 4. µ

* INTEL IS CRITICISING US for our coverage of the Centrino architecture. Surely we must have written more words about the Pentium M and the Centrino than any other site? See links below.

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