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Google beats Microsoft's top geeks

Volish geeks didn't know their corporate history
Thu Aug 11 2005, 07:51
SPINSTERS at Microsoft were practically slashing their wrists yesterday when the company's team was defeated in a geekish general knowledge competition by search rivals Google.

The competition, which was held at the Linux World Conference, had the nerdish Voles evenly matched against Geekish Googlers in questions about everything ranging from ancient computer operating systems to the name of the ore mining ship in Alien.

But, horrors of horrors, the Volish geeks,led by Analyst Relations Specialist Rob Curran, wearing a full Darth Vader suit, cocked up on a question that was related to their own corporate history.

"What was the year that Microsoft released Windows 1.0?"

Shurely, they should have known that from the corporate induction video, but no, the people who could probably tell you the name of Yoda's hairdresser didn't have a clue. Volish spinners are planning a full re-indoctrination session with electrodes when the team gets back to Redmond.

The Google team got a no brainer about Debian Linux being named after Ian Murdock's then-girlfriend Debra.

Neither team got the final question about the correct name for NASA's mission designed to explore the comet Tempel 1 and Google took home The Golden Penguin Bowl.

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