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AMD's "Venus" SledgeHammer looms into view

Hammer Roadmaps SOI sauce, 90 nanometers, and more
Wed Dec 18 2002, 09:35
IT WAS THE AMD UK press party last night although there weren't any spin doctors around to look after Her Majesty's Press, so before we tipped up there we got our butt over to the Porcupine Pub, a hostelry on Charing Cross Road which is papered with semiconductor firms' roadmaps.

And just in case AMD is still as paranoid as it used to be, no-one from AMD UK told us about the following, OK?

There we viewed AMD's processor plans for the first half of 2003 right up to the first half of 2004, with details a plenty for us to scribble down quickly.

The latest iteration says that next year - which let us not forget is only a few weeks away - will see three different kinds of Sledgehammer (Opterons), while the famous "Gone for a Barton" makes a new appearance as a guest server processor.

Let's get the easy bit over with first. Sledgehammer MP will appear in three distinct configurations, the 8-way DDR 333 one with 1MB of level two cache, three HT (hypechannel) links, and made on .13µ (micron) silicon. SledgeHammer DP is a two way system with all the details the same but intended for two way systems, while SledgeHammer III is exactly the same again but intended for one way systems.

AMD will make its Barton suitable for two way servers, with 512K of level two chace, a .13µ process, and with a 266MHz system bus.

This is where it gets interesting. In the first half of 2004, AMD is claiming it will introduce a 90 nano DDR II-400 chip called "Athens" for the eight way market, also with 1MB of cache, while the DP SledgeHammer will become Troy - again with DDRII-400 and Venus, a beautiful looking 90 nanometer chip again with three HT links and produced using a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process.

By then Barton will be as dead as a Mauritian dodo - or in AMD's turn of phrase, "as market requires". µ

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