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ATI to go for 512MB cards

Saga begins this month
Mon May 02 2005, 11:41
AFTER YEARS OF 256MB graphics card dominance, it's time to raise the bar one more time. We learned that some of the ATI partners are working hard to bring 512MB cards to market very soon.

We are in a pre-battle period when companies are preparing to launch their new marchitectures and this time ATI partners are getting ready with cards that can offer you more memory for a little bit more money. Bigger is better, more is better, that's how this economy works.

Not only will ATI have X850 cards powered with a whole 512MB of memory, it will have X800 boards with 512MB of memory. ATI already pre-announced the X850 series with more memory at Quakecon but until now, none of the partners finished their design as this memory significantly increases the price. You can expect that an extra 256MB of memory will increase the price by an additional $100 or even $200 to the already sky high price of $499 or $549.

It's quite logical to expect that cheaper cards will end up with 512MB memory as well, eventually, and they will let you play Doom 3 with full quality texture settings as John C. actually designed the game to be able to use a whole 512MB of texture RAM. We wonder whether you plug 512MB in X700 boards, and, if it's possible whether someone will do it.

We expect first announcements of X800 generation cards with 512MB of memory by the end of the month and we expect to see a lot of them at Computex, the trade show starting at the end of May. µ


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