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Thermaltake releases the ultimate case

CES 007 Limited Edition Sword M
Wed Jan 17 2007, 11:34
THE MOST INSANE case at CES came not from some overclocker or modder but from a respected company, Thermaltake. The Sword M is a hand built, limited edition piece that goes beyond anything else at CES. It also falls into the category of "if you have to ask".

The one shown here has an optional extra, the LCD on the front, but the rest of the things are standard. Hinged side panels? This one has two in a suicide door like arangement. Hinged top? Sure, why not?


Most people would be happy with that in a heavy aluminium case, but not Thermaltake. The doors all have pneumatic shock absorbers on them to ease opening, closing, and propping up at certain angles. If you think one for the side is extravagant, the top has two.


Why do you need all of this? To hold up the heavy water cooling systems of course. Please note the plural, there, there are two of them, The one on the side panel you can see plainly, but look at the blue fans on the top panel, there is a huge copper radiator there too. Yeah, the aforementioned heavy aluminium case is somewhat of a heatsink for the massive watercooling rigs.

It all opens and closes with a press, there are latches, not any of those old school thumb screws here. It all opens with a touch, pneumatically slides into place, and closes with another touch. This is beyond overkill, but it is really neat.

The Sword M is hand built, meaning limited production. There will only be about 50 or so made a month and you can be sure they will be meticulously crafted. They will also be hugely expensive if you can get one, but no word on how expensive or when though.

You can be pretty sure a good portion of the Sword M production will end up in booths at trade shows, tarted up from the already insane original specs. I can see this case becoming the starting point for many truly silly mods. I want one. µ


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