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Paper storage man misunderstood

Somewhere over the Rainbow
Tue Dec 12 2006, 10:14
SAINU ABID CAUSED a stir with what was reported as a method of storing gigabytes of data on a piece of paper.

The stir assumed whirlwind proportions when his claim was branded a hoax.

Now, poor Sainu has bitten back and explained himself.

It is all "a great misunderstanding" Sainu explains. "Many technical groups are discussing about this and they are wasting their valuable time," he writes, "I think they are mixing my two statements:
1) We can store data even on an ordinary paper
2) We can achieve huge density by using rainbow storage.


I used an ordinary sheet of paper to demonstrate this work, I think that's why the misunderstanding."

Rainbow Storage, he says, is not a method to store data on paper. Rather, but it is a group of techniques to represent data in the form of colour, colour groups and some symbols.

"We can use any colour representable media as storage medium including paper and plastic sheets," he says. "Paper and ink is not the only way to represent colour, there are other efficient methods available now and many kind of researches are going on in different parts of the world."

Sainu says he outlined his Rainbow Storage ideas in an academic seminar paper. "It was a study to explore data representation capability of coloursm" he writes.

"Most of the living organisms are getting huge amount of data through vision. Our eyes can only understand colours and colours only. But our brain is doing many complex operations (like distance calculation of objects by using images from two eyes) by using these colours. We can identify distance of two objects (which one is closer) in different environments (eg : Brightness difference). So the visible light (colours) contains a huge amount of data.

"Instead of using 0s and 1s here we are using colour dots. Each colour dot can represent minimum 8 bits (1 byte). If we are using some powerful mode of representation (forget about ink and paper) we can represent more data on a single spot. By using some groups and symbols , we can also increase the density in to some extent. "

He hope that clears it all up.

Here's Sainu's website. Please be nice to him. µ

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