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Where is our Sound Storm matey?

Readers up in arms...
Mon Oct 18 2004, 12:12
WE GOT a cool suggestion to ask our readers to write an open letter to Nvidia's chipset director Mr. Drew Henry, and ask him about the lack of Sound Storm in the Nforce 4 chipset.

Many mails ended up in my mailbox and a heap of you are disappointed with Nvidia's decision.

Please be polite and send me your mails at, and we will put them together and file them The INQ.

Here is one of the mails that initiated the idea:

Hi.. just read your article, and yes.. I am very disappointed with nVidia's decision. I am not going to buy any nForce 4 mainboard as VIA will also have better PCIe solution compared to dual PCIe 8x from nVidia. ATI will also have a good solution. There is no reason to wait for nForce 4 anymore right now.. I'll reconsider my purchase regarding this news..

As of your comment regarding Creative and Terratec, I assure you, that Creative and Terratec doesn't have that solution. All I need is a card to play games on my six B&W speakers, using Marantz as receiver. And none other than SoundStorm has that solution. There is no other sound card in the world that able to send DirectSound3D signal as Dolby Digital encoded stream to external receiver but SoundStorm.

nVidia just lose a customer.. I think I'll keep my old Abit NF7-S, and waiting for Intel's cheap 64 bit solution, then migrate to Intel or we'll see if ATI can put Azalia on AMD64 system, I'll go all the way to ATI. All I need right now is a sound card capable of DTS or DD encoding. I don't care how I can get it, and I don't care what it cost. I can still cough up $400 for it. I got more than $8000 computer setup designed specifically for SoundStorm, and $400 is nothing compared to my $8000 setup. Without those kind of card, my $8000 money is wasted.

Drew will get his chance to reply to you all, come the day. µ


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