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Sony finally goes mad

What's a dead goat between friends
Sun Apr 29 2007, 14:06
WHAT'S A SONY party without guests pulling the intestines from a still warm dead goat? At a guess, you would need topless women to complete the merriment. Check.

Welcome to the official Sony God of War II party.

If rootkitting customers, cramming DRM infections into every orifice they will fit and some they wouldn't wasn't enough, I wonder what the meeting where this was planned was like?

SONY EXEC 1: We haven't got people hating us this week, we need to change that.
SONY EXEC 2: Yeah, at least three demographics no longer spit when they hear the name Sony, Something must me done!
SONY EXEC 1: Let's throw parties and kill animals!
SONY EXEC 2: Great, but for what brand?
SONY EXEC 1: Playstation of course.
SONY EXEC 2: Well then, we need topless women and more gore.
SONY EXEC 1: Topless women, check. How about reaching into a goat stomach and eating offal?
SONY EXEC 2: The goat has to be still warm.
SONY EXEC 1: Of course, this is for the PS3, anything less would just not do.
SONY EXEC 2: Brilliant plan, I'll sign off on it, but we need to take lots of glossy pics for our official magazine, parents don't hate us enough, so we should traumatise their kids a little too.
SONY EXEC 1: Can we distribute a rootkit on the cover CD?
SONY EXEC 2: Legal says we can't use that trick for another seven months.
SONY EXEC 1: Pity.

Yeah. It must've gone something like this. Read the link. At this point, you have to wonder if Kutaragi was pushed out or had an attack of the morals. In any case, there seems to be absolutely no concern about anything other than sheer profit at Sony, if customers or human decency get in the way, well, give them the goat treatment. µ


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