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Cart put before horse with Celeron, AMD Sempr0n prices

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Mon Jul 05 2004, 12:01
OUR BUDDIES at Digitimes report today that Intel will cut prices on its Celeron processors on the 22nd of August as a response to AMD launching its cut down Sempr0n processors.

The other plaice has dutifully taken the Digitimes line, but this isn't the real picture at all.

Digitimes is putting the cart before the horse. AMD has chosen to launch its Sempr0n in mid-August because it, like the rest of the industry, knew that Intel was launching a 340 Celeron on the 22nd of August and took the battle to Chipzilla.

We reported those price cuts and the introduction of the 340 in mid-June.

On that date the 340 will cost $117, the 336 $103, and the 330 $53.

What's more worrying for Intel is how the cut down AMD chips compared to Celerons, which are now 533MHz front side bus, 256K cache parts.

The older Celerons, which don't have numbers, also get their prices reduced on the 22nd of August, along with a spate of desktop price cuts, also reported in our earlier article linked above.

If you can't remember what a 340 Celeron is, it's a 2.93GHz chip. The 335 is a 2.8GHz chip, the 330 is a 2.66GHz chip, while the 325 is a 2.53GHz chip. Oh the 325 and the 320 Celerons are 2.53GHz and 2.4GHz chips, but you don't have to worry about those too much, because they'll be shuffling off the chip coil soon enough.

What's interesting is that Intel will have the old Celeron lamps for sale, with 128K chips and 400MHz buses at $103 for the 2.8GHz, $89 for the 2.7GHz and the 2.6GHz processor simultaneously with the new lamps.

It's pretty obvious why Intel is doing this, it wants everyone to move to 90 nanometre Celeron Ds for one of its famous refreshes and a quick switch to the new mobos it's pushing like billy-o.

The real side splitter will come if AMD decides to go ahead and give its Sempr0ns the same numbers as Intel's Celeron range. µ


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