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Big ISPs act like sewers for SPAM

Their inability to block is simply SPAM-craptastic
Mon Oct 06 2003, 10:55
WE'VE GOT A COUPLE of email addresses here at the INQ - one of them is courtesy of BT Openworld, and the other an internal INQsystem.

And we've readers with Yahoo accounts all complaining about the self-same thing. If the big boys know that viruses and the like are being spread through their email systems, why don't they put a stop to it.

Sure, we can install spam washers and the like, and make sure we're up to date with our anti-viral software, but why do the likes of Yahoo and BT Openwoe not take more active steps to stop channeling this stuff through their big fat pipes?

One of our readers asked Yahoo if it would kindly stop allowing the emails laden with the latest virus through its system - something that's relatively easy to do. He reports the firm reacted with complete indifference.

Here's a sample of the junk BT Openworld allowed through its gates yesterday, all in the space of one minute or so.


Do BT Openworld and Yahoo seriously think their customers want this garbage and the virus laden emails purporting to be from Microsoft? We think maybe the big ISPs are acting like sewers and conveying unpleasant objects all around the web, ending up as big stinky poo on your desktop.

Can it be beyond their abilities to just stop the viruses from flying through the pipes? Or is it just they simply can't be bothered about their customers? µ


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