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AMD soft launches Radeon HD Mobility graphics

Availability in 'July'
Mon May 14 2007, 17:03
NOT CONTENT with announcing just the new Phenom brand, or even its Radeon 2900 XT, today also sees DAAMIT lifting the virtual lid on its Radeon Mobility graphics processors.

Available to system builders now is the Mobility Radeon HD 2300. Don't get excited though, since this is just last generation's X1k technology rebranded - you don't get DX10 or any of the other goodies that make the X2k series what it is. However, you'll get Aero Glass, so whoopee.

The announcement may be today, but Mobility Radeon 2400 and 2600 parts, in standard and XT configurations, won't be available until July. Since we're not expecting desktop parts until July for mass availability, expect decent availability of the mobile parts in August, a mere three months away. Soft launch, anyone?

Of course, all the usual suspects are on board with the new ATI chips, and there has even been a benchmark 'leak' onto the web of the 2600 XT inside the 20" HP portable monster we told you about last week. Check it out here. The results aren't exactly awe-inspiring, but it's all early hardware, etc.

There may be a heck of a lot of announcements out of DAAMIT today, but the bottom line is that the actual market will receive but one average-to-good new graphics card today, and that's it.

CPUs, mobiles, they'll all come later on this year, significantly later in the case of Phenom. Wade through the spin, people, wade through the spin. µ


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