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Opteron gives Xeon a kicking

Hardware Wibble
Thu Jan 29 2004, 14:37
GAMEPC PUTS the "top-of-the-line" Xeon 3.2A/1MB Xeon up against the Opteron 248 in various server benchmarks including Microsoft IIS, Apache, and other tests. The long, detailed report begins here. In brief, they'd go for the Opteron.

Adrian's Rojak Pot has a guide to Maxxing Out the Nvidia GeForce FX Go5200. They reclock it and add AGP sideband support. Does it help? Find out here.

The seekerofneo has a look at the Gigabyte N57U 5700 Ultra graphics card over here. Nothing special, they say, but a nice couple of games. No useless vouchers, of course.

Wallet too thin for watercooling? Those Madshrimps have been making their own water blocks over here.

Over at Tweaknews they've been banging about with an Athenatech A106 Designer Micro-ATX case. 'Designer!' Coo! Incredibly sylish they reckon, in a pictorial that begins here.

The Enermax CS-800TA-S is a case that can boast an adjustable speed dial and temperature display. It gets a workout with the wrigglers at Viperlair here.

Dynatron's DC1206BM-Y Dallas Series heatsink gets a grilling at Ohls-Place, here.

Dahn in CoolTechZone they've been a-tweakin' and a-twiddlin' with a CoolerMaster CoolDrive 4, which is a hard drive cooler, a fan controller, and a system monitor. You'll need one if you can't keep you fingers to yourself. Go here.

On BigBruin they take a look at the Evercool VC-RE VGA Cooler. here.

Some slivers of Corsair memory come get a workout on 3dxtreme The TwinX1024-XMS4000 Pro 1024 MB dual memory kit is designed for Intel Pentium 4 motherboards like the Dual Memory Channel, Intel Canterwood Chipset (875P). Wibble this way.

The Digitalway MPIO FL100 MP3 player "is one remarkable piece of technology," in the opinion of Brian over at DesignTechnica. A digital music player that plays a multitude of file types, records, acts, assumes the guise of a radio and all sorts. It is not Linux compatible, though, says Brian, from here.

A variant Bryan at Overclockers Club has fiddled with a mouse, the Razer Boomer Speed 2100 mouse, in fact. That's here.

There's an assessment of the Asus DRW-0402P/D, a 4X DVD +/- R/RW drive on HotHardware here.

And, um, finally, handsome Dan's got more letturz. Pick off your pixel Dan-druff here. µ


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