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Digg man tries to bury Twitter, Facebook

Crouching tiger, Powncing coder
Thu Jun 28 2007, 10:41
DIGG SUPREMO, Kevin Rose has unveiled his next startup creation - a social network hybrid dubbed Pownce.

The service is one part Facebook, one part Twitter, one part Instant Messenger and a large dollop of hubris.

The service allows custom groups of friends or colleagues (Facebook) to leave each other messages and status updates (Twitter) as well as chat live and send files and invites (IM). All of this runs as a web application, with a client application built on Adobe Air for those who like their apps a little less ethereal.

The hubris comes in assuming that this is anything better than has come before - as some have been quick to point out, it really does a similar job to not just the three above-mentioned services but also AllPeers and Pando as well as, well, every instant messenger client on the planet.

Rose has previously stated that the project arose out of his own needs in managing his friends and colleagues on his other two startup projects, Digg and Revision 3.

In the blurb, Rose suggests that you can 'post songs you recorded in your home studio to share with your friends' and post up 'a great photo you wanted to share with all your friends' as well as suggesting 'you might send an event out to a dozen of your friends'. Because apparently, no-one's ever heard of a blog, or a Twitter, or a Flickr or, God-forbid, and email or a phone call.

Is Pownce a lot of Web 2.0 gloss over an incredibly limited proposition? Perhaps. But that doesn't mean that the webizens of the world won't lap it up, especially if it comes with an Iphone client for extra meta love. µ


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