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Ofcom downed after Big Brother "racist slur"

Vaise, pyar vaise. Ya pyas, shyad
Wed Jan 17 2007, 21:56
THE VOLUME OF complaints to Ofcom over pretty Shri Shri Bollywood devata Shilpa Shetty Devi being dissed by lasses on British TV temporarily downed its web site at

The complaints section - - here, is struggling to keep up with things, Interwibble-wise. If you do get through, you get the following message:

"Ofcom are [sic] currently receiving very high volumes of complaints alleging racism in Celebrity Big Brother 7. Ofcom treats complaints about such issues extremely seriously. We will evaluate the nature of the complaints before reaching any decision which will be published in due course. You should visit our website for updates."


Ofcom is an office where British durdarshan (TV) viewers can complain about programmes being run on the goggle box. The last time it counted, 19,000 viewers had registered complaints against the Big Brother (Bara Bhai) show.

Putative UK prime minister Gordon Brown was forced to attack Channel 4 on his trip to India earlier today, while his boss Tony Blair attacked racism in prime minister's questions at luncheon time (midday, GMT) today, prompted by the now very famous member of parliament Keith Vaz.

Shri Shri Shilpa Devi came under attack from a set of lasses who are accused of racism. Channel 4 at press time is attempting to justify its actions. Shilpa was shown in tears after the rough comments.

Ofcom has been bombarded with complaints today about these comments. The Indian government has summoned the ambassador. In India today, effigies of the producers of the show were burnt.

Only a few British people realise that India is the oldest extant civilisation in the world. You cannot count China any more, because it went through a so-called "cultural revolution". India is also the world's biggest democracy. µ

* INQBLOT Urdu and Hindi are practically identical languages, although the script differs, with the former being written from right to left, and the latter being written from left to right. This is because until 1947, the whole subcontinent was one thing.

Navhind Times

Ofcom, last time it was spotted


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