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Why is Nvidia's Sound Storm so special?

Drew Henry will address you in Monday
Fri Oct 22 2004, 08:45
BEFORE DREW Henry, Nvidia's top chipset man, gets back from Taiwan, meet his press team who will give you the answer he will utter once he's been "briefed" about the racket that's broken over the Soundstorm lack.

We thank you once again very much for all for your mails and after ripping the envelopes open and publishing them, here we got at least 30+ more from another set of people. In short, you are unhappy.

So why is Soundstorm so important? It's very simple as it's the only solution that will offer you Dolby Digital 5.1 encoder. Yes, it is the only solution, bar none.

Drew-henry--rightSoundstorm is, or perhaps was very important to lovers of sound. It was to offer 5.1 sound to those users even when they play games or listen to the music. Otherwise with normal sound cards including all Creative Labs and Terratec cards, you will get Dolby Digital 5.1 only when you watch DVDs, but just in that case. This means that those users ended up with only stereo signal when they play games even the games that have 5.1 sound. That's bad, man.

Believe it or not, C-media is the only company with an answer if you don't want to use Soundstorm 1 and 2. It has an add in card that can offer you this right now. Take a gander at it here.

The only spanking new motherboard with Realtek chip based on this C-media marchitecture is the Asus P5AD2 Premium Wireless Edition for Intel P4 775 motherboard. If you want Dolby digital encoding you will have to use Nforce 2 Athlon XP and Duron only or the Asus 925 Pentium 4 socket 775.

I say that Nforce 4 Ultra, SLI or Standard won't have Soundstorm and its impossible to implement it. It's too late, mates. The chip is already finished and there is no way back. You can not crack this chip open and put Soundstorm back inside, that's not how it works.

I hope that this will make some things more clear and we will pass you Drew's response as soon as we got it in Monday. I am sure he has a lot to tell. µ


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