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Intel disses ATI's integrated chipset

No new boards based on ATI anymore
Mon Jul 17 2006, 10:37
ACCORDING to a recent Intel roadmap, there will be no more ATI based boards used in Intel desktop motherboards.

The D102GGC2, also known as Grant County 2, is the last one that sits on Intel's 2006/2007 roadmap. This board is the only integrated board that Intel offered in first half of 2006 that had a Vista premium stamp on it. We wrote about it a while ago here.

Intel plans to replace ATI integrated chipsets with three new chipsets. It first starts with a boards based on the 945PL integrated chipset. It is a micro ATX board code named Nine Mile. It will be commercially known as the D945PLNM and will support LGA 775 CPUs. The board supports dual channel DDR2 533 memory, PCIe graphics and some marchitecture called iCafe. We discovered that the ICafe platform is developed for internet clubs in India and will allow them to monitor and repair PCs with the help of Intel software, provided with the Intel motherboards.

The second one in line is an i865GL board codenamed Sandy Canal and it will be commercially known as the D865GSA. It is, again, a µATX board supporting LGA 775 CPUs and dual channel DDR 333 MHz old memory. I bet this one will be dirt cheap but it has integrated graphic inside, PCIe 16X slot and two PCI slots.

The third board is based on the "new old" 945PL chipset and supports ATX form factor and LGA 775 CPUs. The board is codenamed Radio Springs and will be commercially known as D945PLRN. It supports dual channel DDR2 533, PCIe 16X graphics, four PCI slots and an additional two PCIe slots.

All three boards should be available today but none of them are Vista Premium compliant.

A fourth Intel board should support Vista Premium. It is based on the new 946GZ chipset. The board uses micro ATX format and supports LGA 775 CPUs and luckily even Conroe. The board is codenamed Isleton and will be commercially known as the D946GZIS. It supports dual channel DDR2 667 memory, integrated and PCIe 16 graphic, two PCI slots and a single PCIe slot. This is the first Intel based board to support Microsoft Vista Premium Vista. The support claim is based on current specifications and subject to change. This board should already be in production by now.

There will be two more 946GZ based board until the end of the year and they are both scheduled for late Q3. One is codenamed Toston and will be known as D946GZTS and supports micro BTX format and LGA775 CPUs while the rest of the spec is the same as the Isleton board, it supports dual channel DDR2 667 integrated and discrete PCIe graphic, two PCI slots and a single PCIe slot. This board is scheduled for W33, the middle of August.

The last one is scheduled for sometime in Q3, so later than mid August for sure. It is code named Alton Bay and will be known as D946GZAB and it will support LGA 775 CPUs, comes in micro ATX format, works with dual channel DDR2 memory, has integrated graphic and PCIe 16X slot and supports ICafe. µ


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