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Software industry claims piracy costs millions of jobs

And billions of dollars
Thu Dec 08 2005, 11:37
A REPORT conducted by IDC for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) said that a 10 per cent drop in piracy could generate millions of new jobs.

The BSA global survey gives claimed, for example, that a 10 per cent drop in piracy in the Asia Pacific could generate two million new jobs, in North America 120,000 new jobs, and in the European Union 155,000 new jobs.

IDC has surveyed 70 countries worldwide and the BSA claims that money cost in software piracy would also generate billions of extra cash.

It's a little hard to make the connection between cleaning up piracy and hiring extra people, however. The BSA suggests that cutting piracy in the USA would add an additional $125 billion to the economy. It claims that low piracy and high software demand "are proven economic drivers" while the software industry fuels broader IT sector growth. In the USA, the IT sector is projected to grow by a third between 2004 and 2009, but could "grow nearly 10 percentage points faster with further piracy reductions".

At the same time, the BSA is claiming that worldwide governments need to get their act together on national copyright laws so they obey World Intellectual Property Organisation obligations.

A clickable page demonstrating the BSA's worldwide survey can be found here. µ



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