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Apple OS X runs just fine on AMD CPUs

Hot pics inside
Wed Aug 31 2005, 20:06
APPLE ON X86 IS a tempest in a teapot. People are way overblowing the impact of the beta release on not-even-close-to-final hardware, and the tin foil hat crowd is having a heyday. Everything from how to pirate it and to conspiracy theories running rampant.

If you notice, we have been avoiding those because it is, frankly, rather a little boring, my dears.

Then some pictures arrived in my inbox, along with a little explanation that made me sit up and take notice. Look at these:


So, what's the point here? I was told a few bits, First, this is not the VMWare hack, it was installed on the notebook, so presumably the source has access to a legit copy of the OS. Next, it supposedly installed without a hitch, and everything down to the wireless card worked like a charm. Lastly, it was an AMD64 model, from the look of it, and it is most likely this one. Hmmm, that is interesting.

A quick phone call to Voodoo got me a promise of an explanation. Yay, breakthrough, dirt, happiness. When I got home, it was there, but a bit far from happy. Here it is with phone numbers and extensions removed for posterity.


Hi Charlie,

At Voodoo our techs tend to push the limits of hardware and software - we try and keep ideas flowing - however I can't confirm the existence of such a machine. I can say if Apple did in fact license their OS to the PC world, we would consider carrying it.

Rahul Sood


Damn those PC PC makers and their legal staff. Damn those readers for putting me in situations where I am forced to listen to marketspeak. There are two interesting bits here. First, AMD platforms run the current Mac OS X just fine. Secondly, there exists the possibility of Apple talking to OEMs other than itself. Voodoo won't confirm or deny this, as they said, and trust me, I tried to weasel it out of no results.

So, with a picture or two and barely a paragraph of text in an email, a lot of questions get opened up. Anyone have anything interesting to add? If they do pick licensees, Microsoft is going to find itself in a very interesting spot, with a sudden need to grow up really fast. µ


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