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Wiki war breaks out over Everywhere Girl

Wed Jan 24 2007, 13:16
THE PLOT OF OUR longest-running soap opera, named after and starring the Everywhere Girl, has taken another twist.

The maid with the face every student should have was briefly resurrected on the pages of Wikipedia, only to have such recognition once again cruelly snatched from her. Summarily deleted, EG finds herself once again centre of heated debate.

Verily as we speak, wikifolk are indulged in a battle of wills, where the philosophical argument over whether or not the Everywhere Girl really exists is reaching boiling point.

"Deletion of this article has generated huge amounts of very bad publicity for Wikipedia. Accusations that deletion is a anti-Inquirer crusade of some administrators; articles and blog posts "What is wrong with Wikipedia" and more. I think that best solution would be just to restore the page," writes one wikiman who looks like he could have his head screwed on and facing forwards.

Indeed, another writes, "To deny the notability of this meme is pushing the bounds of absurdity."

But there are nay-sayers too. "I can think of few things more inherently unnotable than individual clip-art/stock-photos. A zillion WP:ILIKEIT comments do not override our core policy or our basic values as an encyclopedia," writes one.

Of course the INQ comes in for a mention now and then: "I don't count the Inquirer as independent for an article about the meme; they claim to have discovered/started it. Blogs and forums are not reliable sources, and that is all that has been offered here," comments a wiki in favour of deletion.

The rebuttal: "This thing is getting just silly. Maybe we should ask from ourself why shouldn't this article be in Wikipedia? It is obvious that it isn't a marketing campaign. The Inquirer or people related to it are not behind the creation of the page. The subject is noteworthy - you don't have to like either The Inquirer or Jennifer Chandra to see that. It generates lots of interest, is well-known and people are looking information about Everywhere Girl from Wikipedia - probably hundreds of page views every day."

And so it goes. Here's the link to the wacky wiki court of appeal.

Outside the wiki pages, however, life for the Everywhere Girl goes on as normal. Here she is taking the bus back to irreality.

And finally, she seems to have taken on a new identity. We guess she'll need one, once the wikis have finished with her. Not that Shelly the Republican is known for her good taste, mind. µ

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