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Wiki high executioner executes Everywhere Girl

Gone but not forgotten
Tue Jan 30 2007, 15:51
AFTER PRODUCING MORE column inches on the pages of Wikipedia than were ever written here on the INQ, the Everywhere Girl has lost her chance of a last-gasp stay of execution.

Thousands of wiki words were written, both in her favour and against, but these now seem to have been disappeared into the Wiki's black hole of history. All that remains, in a far-flung corner of the "people's" encylopedia is a one-liner condemning EG to a life of unacknowledged existence and, no doubt, penury.

The "established editor" wielding the execution's axe looks extremely dashing, according to Eva Glass. He has affiliations with many institutions of higher learning and must no doubt be congratulated for his contribution to mankind's knowledge of itself.

We expect that if he keeps up his current workrate he could have the Wiki slimmed down to a few hundred essential words within a few months.

Deleting all those words and expressions people have just made up shouldn't take long. And Lieutenant Arseypants here is the man for the job, if anyone is, we reckon.

The Wikipedia entry for the Everywhere Girl has magically been pointed at that of the INQ where the charge now is: "The Inquirer has repeatedly run stories critical of Wikipedia's deletion of an article about "the Everywhere Girl", a model thus named by Mike Magee due to stock photos of her appearing in a number of different advertisements."

We'd like to think we have simply been reporting on what has been a sad and rather enlightening trip into the wacky workings of the Wiki world.

We are of course rather disappointed that common sense so spectacularly failed to triumph in this instance.

And we will be falling back to the pub to regroup. µ


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