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Wikipedia falls foul of the comic book crowd

Losing its target market
Wed Oct 31 2007, 17:13

ONLINE encyclopedia, Wackypedia's controversial policy of letting self-appointed experts decide who is notable seems to have backfired on the site's target market.

The so-called experts from Wackypedia have claimed the fair scalp of the Everywhere Girl and had a go at denying Mike Mageek's infamy. They are now having a go at purging web comic book writers.

Wackypedia first noticed that comic book readers were starting to hate the site when Wikinews reporter Brian McNeil asked Howard Tayler, creator of the Schlock Mercenary webcomic if he could borrow a few images for a Wikipedia fundraiser.

Tayler told him to go forth and multiply because members of the webcomic community were miffed because more than 50 articles on webcomics had been purged by Wikipedia admins in the last couple of months.

The editor who had been doing most of the purging was 'Dragonfiend' who defined notability as "whether a topic has been noted by independent reputable sources".

She has said Wikipedia should only have articles on web comics like Penny Arcade, Get Your War On, Fetus-X, and Achewood.

Web comics might be popular but might never be identified by external media and therefore never make Wackypedia. If you think about it, when did you ever see a review of a cartoon in another news source.

Modern Tales editor a Eric Burns told Wikinews that Dragonfiend was one of many purgers going through Wikipedia looking for articles in fields in which they have no interest, experience or knowledge and deleting them.

In his own bog here Howard Tayler says that people who read web comics should not send any cash to Wikipedia until it reviews its notability rules.

In our experience, Wikipedia's clique of admins has the same level of success at making people disappear as Stalin did . µ


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