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60,000 AMD chips recovered in police heist

Story Change Defective load have shipped into channel
Mon Jan 03 2005, 13:01
* WE HAVE called AMD in Sunnyvale to find out what effect this may have had on the European channel. So far, AMD has not responded. Story change 20:41 UT.

KEEP AN eye on your tasty chips - there are Taiwanese thiefs that would like nothing more than to grab them off you and sell them on to someone else.

Whilst the thought of second-hand salt and vinegar may offend some, it seems that Taiwan has been the centre of a fast-growing trade in discarded AMD processors. Over 60,000 were nabbed, according to Digitimes.

The chips, it is thought, were taken from one of AMD's packaging and testing plants in Asia and were all defective - and due to be destroyed. Someone made a quick switch, and the chips were off for resale in Germany and China.

It is thought that as many as a million of these gammy processors may have found their way into the market. AMD said it would release an official statement tomorrow. We assume since most of its top bods are enjoying a well-deserved new year holiday.

No-one has said what the defective chips actually were. We wonder if someone was tipped off that there was a stash-load of pr0n at AMD China - material which, of course, is contraband in the net-censoring state. Maybe an unfortunate communications blunder meant they ended up with Sempr0ns instead. µ


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