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Intel pushes on with LGA 775 launch, 1066 bus

Desktop Roadmaps No sign of multicores.... yet
Mon Jun 14 2004, 10:04
DESPITE REPEATED GRUMBLINGS from its partners, Intel is now committed to introducing the LGA775 and five Pentium 4 Prescotts numbered 560, 550, 540, 530 and 520 on the 21st June, according to the latest roadmaps seen by the INQUIRER.*

On June 21st, Intel will also introduce its Pentium 4 Extreme Edition - a Gallatin core chip, which will also use the LGA775 socket, and fly along at 3.40GHz. How many of these strange creatures it has sold and hopes to sell remains a Chipzilla secret, although word on the street is that the phrase "a few" might well be overstating it.

New-intel-bus-is-faster-than-old-bicycle-made-for-one-style-busIn Q3, this critter will have a 1066MHz front side bus, clock at 3.46GHz, have no helpful numbering system as far as we can tell, and may sell just as many as its predecessors, for all we know.

As well as launching these HT supporting numbers on the 21st, just a few days later Intel will intro its Celeron D family. On the 24th, these will get numbers such as the 335, the 330, the 325 and the 320. These have 533MHz front side buses, also use the Prescott core, and have 256K level two cache.

Although senior Intel executives have sung loudly of dual core processors in 2005, the latest desktop roadmaps we've seen have nary a mention of these beasties - they cover quarters up to the second quarter of next year.

Intel has a delicate juggling act to maintain. It's well aware that its motherboard and OEM partners are very cheesed off with sudden changes Intel's made this year, and doesn't want to whip them into shrieking harpies as it once again changes all the rules on chips, sockets and motherboards. It doesn't want to scare the timid cowerin' corporate beasties either - it's been peddling the line for over a year now about its corporate stable image which includes Grantsdale, Alderswood, LGA 775 and PCI Express.

Midsummer is the cue for the 925X and 915 PCI Express chipsets, with the former supporting 1066 bus in Q3.

The next chipset generation from Intel is supposed to launch in the second quarter of next year and is being labelled Intel's next generation desktop chipset.

Lakeport is a secret.

Prices we published last month for Intel desktop CPUs remain valid. It makes a minor alteration to the LGA775 "520" in mid-July, when the price for that drops to $163 from $178. It has a slate of price cuts on the 560, the 550, the 540, and the 530 on the 22nd of August, when prices drop to $417, $217, $218 and $178**. Maybe Intel does remember the 520 debacle, because that drops off the mortal coil very quickly after launch. When it intros its 570 1MB 800MHz Pentium 4 that will cost $640.

There will also be price cuts on Celeron Ds on that date, given that Intel introduces the 340 (2.93GHz) 533/256K then at $120.

Now how many LGA 775 chips will be available at launchtime? In other words, will this be a paper launch? Word is that journalists who play Chipzilla's game and sign NDAs with Intel are not expecting thousands to be available at launch. Plus, the roadmaps we've seen show that "legacy Pentium 4s" will be available at high speeds right throughout the year. µ

* I HAD A PAR here originally likening the 520 to Caminogate and the 540 to Carmelgate. Unfortunately, I'm obviously losing it by being out by 300 on the numbers on both counts. Apologies to Intel and to readers. MM.

** ANOTHER correction 17 June 04, sorry. Prices on the 560, the 550, the 540 and the 530 change on the 22nd August 2004 to $417, $278, $218 and $178, respectively. The 570 when it launches will be $640 or so.

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