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Unholy war breaks out between Nvidia and ATI

It was ever thus
Sat Sep 25 2004, 00:35
ACCUSATIONS AND COUNTER accusations between ATI and Nvidia have led to a virtual graphics war of the words.

HG Wells would be proud of it.

The first salvo from the greens came from an Nvidia agent, who insisted that its PCI Express platform was better than its Canadian competitor, ATI.

That was followed by a swift salvo from the Land of Permafrost, which insisted that Nvidia had got everything horribly wrong.

Swift snickering and snickering between the two firms confirmed the general view of journalists here in Cyprus that some folk were behaving like they were big babies with big toys being thrown out of perambulators.

An Nvidia partner, Gainward, delivered a missive that ATI's PCI Express cards didn't work.

That was followed by ATI here in Cyprus describing its competitor as cowardly.

That was followed up by an Nvidia man suggesting the INQ was suppressing a story.

Only to be followed by an ATI spinner saying the PCIe SIG had put up a statement in the war of the words denying everything.

Remember, folks, that when two big powers describe the shape of things to come, little countries like Belgium and Poland are the stamping grounds.

Oddly, neither Andorra nor Switzerland ever seem to be the scene of such unseemly rows.

The so-called Great Powers in the dispute - AMD and Intel - seem content to watch the graphics chip firms battle it out. Perhaps they should drop their laissez faire attitude and tell us grunts exactly what this PCI Express argument is all about.

We know they know, but we also suspect they're happy to see their partners battle it out, as it takes the heat off them.


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