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BMW drops AMD supercomputer for Intel boxes

Voodoo dolls and spittle
Fri Dec 16 2005, 07:50
YESTERDAY INTEL announced that it partnered with the Sauber/BMW F1 team. This may sound familiar to any F1 fan, there is another agreement about F1 and computing, but I just can't put my finger on it.

Maybe I'll remember it soon, or with any luck, a reader will write in, someone has to know what I am talking about. Ah well, maybe not.

I hear through the grapevine that one of the agreements of the Intel sponsorship of BMW/Sauber is that it becomes an all Intel shop sooner rather than later. This means that if you are in Switzerland, and have a penchant for a massive cluster optimised for CFD and FEA work, there might be a deal out there for you. If you like you computers named Albert, you are doubly in luck.

Those interested can find the phone numbers in the trash bin outside AMD EMEA PR HQ. Just move the voodoo dolls of Peter Sauber and Willy Rampf aside, watch out for needles, and look for the spittle covered Rolodex card. It should contain all you need to get in contact with the right people. µ


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