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ATI R600 to go GDDR-4 only

Good-bye UFO
Fri Dec 01 2006, 10:44
IF YOU REMEMBER the GDDR-4 story back in September, Samsung was telling everybody that GDDR-4 is going to rock. However, companies were worried that yields are not going to be good, and rumours about Samsung screwing up forced affected companies to spend thousands of dollars to invest in the development of alternatives.

In the end, Nvidia went with GDDR-3 memory in its G80 line-up, but DAAMIT continued to develop both GDDR-4 (Pele) and GDDR-3 (UFO) variants. Being late on the market enabled ATI to optimise. However, bean counters at AMD recently gave a "go ahead" signal for full-GDDR-4 line-up. So, forget about the dual-SKUs, 1Gig and 2Gig versions, GDDR-4 is the only way DAAMIT will go .

Also, the product formerly known as FireSTREAM, conveniently renamed the AMD Stream Processor (GPGPU board) is also in the works. We are unsure of the name for this R600 based one, but one of our sources was caught saying: "With their level of imagination, I don't see why not to go AMD Stream Processor 2 - The New Degeneration". If AMD will be gunning for the price, introduction of 2GB UFO board sounds perfectly reasonable, but our sources are telling us that the GPGPU board is a GDDR-4 baby as well.

Memory layout remains the same, as does the GPU. The chip itself is rotated at 45 degree angle - not the 60 degree this tired hack wrote a week ago. Also, the chip whose pictures were leaked was not a functional chip, but rather a mechanical "dummy".

The traditional layout of ATI boards calls for DVI-DIN-DVI arrangement. However, this might change and R600 could end up with G80-style DIN-DVI-DVI, with the HD connector located at the top of the PCB, not in the middle. Just a bit over two months to go. µ


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