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Microsoft is 'patent terrorist', Sun suit says

Xtreme Prejudice
Wed Jul 25 2007, 08:30
VOLISH EFFORTS to pressure the Linux community over patents is a form of terrorism, according to a Sun bigwig.

James Eagleton, systems product manager for Sun says that Microsoft's recent tactics are "going against the spirit of innovation around software."

Sun had a few patent skirmishes of its own with Redmond until mid-2004.

Eagleton said that Vole's current tactics were patent terrorism, where Redmond was using their patent horde as a threat. He said it was a cold war stand over tactic. Vole is saying that it has the patents and if you breach them Redmond is going to sue you, he said.

Speaking to ZD Net, Eagleton said that no one, certainly in the OS development community, wanted to have these doubts lingering over them, especially users.

No one wants a situation where they have to think, if they use open source software Vole is going to come after them with hobnail boots on, he said.

He said that one of the things that Sun has done with OpenSolaris, for example, has been to put in place an open standards approved open-source license model that provides indemnification to the users.

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