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Vista comes to rip-off Britain

Letters Dumb people need to eat too
Tue Jan 23 2007, 12:05
Subject: Suntel

Does this mean AMD is out in the cold now? Making such comments can't make your other partners happy?


Subject: Windows Vista Pricing


It would be good if you could run an article on the current vista pricing issue.

As further proof of Rip Off Britain.

US Amazon Price of Retail Vista Ultimate = £195
UK Amazon Price of Retail Vista Ultimate = £352

As you can clearly see the price difference is some £157?

Surely PC enthusiasts like myself who upgrade regularly to support new hardware cannot be expected to stomach this.

I have just upgraded to a Direct X10 8800gtx and new 680i Motherboard. This may change in a few months as I might decide The new RD600 baords take my fancy.

With an OEM version I would be required in the UK to pay £135 plus a further £135 each time I changed a motherboard.

How can Microsoft justify a pricing structure at these inflated prices in the UK. Importing a version and paying import tax still leaves £100?

This does nothing to endear the enthusiast to the great new OS and does nothing to encourage people to purchase genuine software.

I have always supported and purchased Microsoft OS since Windows 95 and am completely awestruck by both the price and the limitations imposed on hardware.

£200 Yes, £352 No. Perhaps someone should start a pyramid scheme?


Subject: Creative offers workaround for Vista gaming sound


Does this mean i'll have to spend another 12 months campaigning on their forums and creating petitions so that they get round to fixing the problems this is bound to cause, because wasting a huge part of my life chasing them is really fun.


Subject: AMD NY

LOL is all I can say to the article. I presume third world countries have FABs like FAB 36. And by the way there are engineeres hired at AMD too. Prcesors aren't lighers so that you need workers just to press big green button on the machines.

"One reason is that the facility has created 2000 direct jobs in a region that was very poor after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 40% of the people working at AMD Dresden have (>>>)university(<<<) degrees. More importantly, 30% of them were previously unemployed. Average blue collar worker wages for Dresden have risen 16.2% since 1997 and white collar salaries are up 23.6%.",,3715_11689,00.html


Subject: Google maps gets in a tizz

What a small world... right next door to where I live.

The U-Turns would be okay if you could do them. Concrete medians may get in the way while following directions on US-1.


Subject: U.S. Spam figures

The article on the amount of spam coming out of the U.S. was interesting but you overlooked an important fact: if much of the spam is coming from zombie computers, a figure of how many computers are in the U.S. would put things in perspective. It doesn't change the fact that the U.S. produces a lot of spam but at least it would be more accurate. Thanks


Subject: AMD Fab

" The chip fab, Kent notes, "is similar to a food processing plant where there are three levels of workers: mostly low-skilled workers who watch and "feed" the machines, a few highly skilled technicians who maintain the machines, and management." "

I'm sure there are still unskilled people living on welfare in New York. I guess he's right, we'd be better off with them living on welfare than earning their own money.

Dumb people need to eat too.


Subject: Linux foundation

It's a REAL pity the folks in the Linux Biz just can't get their act together and deliver a quality desktop O/S for consumers. MICROSUCKS cranks out one POS after another and reaps hundreds of billions in revenues each and every year as a result of their garbage Windoze O/S's, yet the Linux folks seem totally uninterested in Linux ever becoming the defacto desktop standard.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the opportunity that exists for Linux especially with MICROSUCKS most recent POS - Vista. If there was ever a really, really, REALLY good reason to move to Linux, Vista is it!

I just hope the people in the Linux Foundation can buy a clue because the folks at SuSe and the other Linux distros et al sure can't buy a clue.


Subject: chip subsidy

There are several other points to consider with New York subsidisng an AMD chip fab. Construction jobs and infrastructure jobs are also created, furthermore, look at the Chip fab not as just a plant for AMD but rather the Anchor store in a Mall. If New York is committed to creating a Technology Center in the area then AMD is the seed to crystalise that development. Local colleges can offer coursework relevant to the Tech Center and High School students now have another option when casting about for mentors and career choices.

Benefits to the local economy range from restaurents to car dealerships to the local housing and rental market.

This is trickle down economy and in this case it works.

What better use for tax dollars is there.

It is not as shallow and unidimensional as you would have your readers believe.

Robert Vesely

Subject: Chinese missile tests

I wrote this in an email to a friend of mine, but it turned out so well that I thought I'd send it on in case you wanted to put it in theInq as a comment. It's US-centric, natch, but still might be worthwhile.

Paradigm Tectonics

I read today that the Chinese army has successfully shot down a high-orbiting satellite with a ground-based missile. This technology was mooted during the cold war, but largely forgotten since then - and now China is the only country with the capability. Our ever-vigilant commanders apparently accidentally erased it from the whiteboard, but now that they've seen the video on YouTube they're remembering why they thought it would be such a useful thing to be able to do.

This all certainly has some disturbing implications. For one, a strategic strike on our GPS system could cripple the nation's ability to efficiently locate and home in on appealing, ethnically appropriate eateries.

Of course, this danger pales in comparison to the real threat: An attack on weather satellites would be an a-front to our country's brave meteorologists. Blinded by the same Chinese who provide them with obvious toupees and green-screen video compositing hardware, they would be forced to report the weather relying entirely on Super Triple X-15 Mega Doppler 12 to the Fifth. Californian fruit farmers who would otherwise lose only three quarters of their crops to a week-long cold snap could instead lose up to 75%.

Still, it's not an entirely negative picture. With the right diplomatic concessions, China could be convinced to turn their destructive power to the forces of good: when this year's Super Bowl half-time score is yet again 45 to 3, the People's Liberation Army can finally live up to its name, and blow the hell out of the flying garbage cans carrying the signal.


Subject: times union usa!

i work for the times union. i can tell you personally that this is big for us because if amd moves to town more tech will follow, and it will creat a TON of jobs. in fact the are homes tagged as "tech vally homes" it brings alot of high payed jobs, in fact i will be applying there for sure, lol. Jsaruk

Subject: AMD New York chip fab subsidy attacked

Funny, isn't it, how this Peter Kent was formerly public works commissioner for a local community near the Luther Forest site, where he aggressively pursued a chip fab plant for HIS community, but now comes out against a fab in a neighboring community. Or could his call for public funding in the biotechnology sector be more because he is now president of a upstate NY based biotechnology company? A former "public servant" who just can't get his mind off that big pile of taxpayers' money. He has the typical cynical attitude of those in this area that espouse themselves as our "leaders" and "elite".

Shame on you for not researching Pete Kent before publicizing his obviously self-serving statements.


Subject: Google maps gets in a tizz

Looks like Google has discovered the notorious NJ traffic circle, which can shunt you in another (unintended) direction with the flick of a steering wheel. Their only saving grace is the plethora of little diners littering the roadside, where one can get a grinder/hoagie/poor boy/sub & a cup of coffee to work up enough strength & nerve to try it again.

Charles Greene

Subject: 240 U-turns

Yet, if you hit "reverse directions", it completes it in 8 simple steps...


Subject: Google maps gets in a tizz

I have seen problems like this. I live 2 miles from a Homebase store which is in a retail park which has an entrance below a motorway. If you ask for directions to that postcode Google maps finds the postcode as a point on the map an tries to get you there, but coz it sees the motorway on top of it, it sends you down the motorway to the next junction, right round the roundabout and all the way back, a total journey of around 9.5 miles.

Actually, I just went to do the same search to send you the link, but this time it took me to the other end of town to the next motorway junction (J4) in the other direction and sent me down the motorway to J3, only J3 has no exit from the north!




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