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AMD to put chip prices up

Update The battle takes on a further twist
Thu Jan 19 2006, 09:49
SOURCES CLOSE to AMD's plans said the firm plans to raise prices on some of its Opteron S939 CPUs, with the changes happening on the 23rd of this month.

But the top Opteron model's price will be lowered on that date.

AMD will also make changes on several Athlon 64 X2 desktop processors on that date, but the direction of those prices is downwards, with the recent introduction of the Athlon 64 FX 60.

The Opteron 165 939 will rise from $295 to $325, the 170 from $384 to $394, the 175 from $490 to $504. But the Opteron 180 939 pin CPU will drop by a fairly large percentage - from $811 to $693.

alt='opta'This isn't the last of the price changes on Opterons, however, the processors not shown here will change in mid-February, although it's not clear yet in which direction.

On the Athlon X2 front, the 3800+ will drop from $322 to $295, the 4200+ from $400 to $355, the 4400+ from $497 to $458, and the 4800+ from $787 to $630. The FX55 will stay at $811, while the FX57 will drop from $1,011 to $811. The $1,011 chip will be the FX60. These are all dealer/distributor prices.

Several dealers say they have noticed prices for AMD CPUs rising already - but this appears to be unofficial pricing. Distributors are very tight on supply, but it seems that for the larger system integrators and corporate resellers, AMD is being kind and shipping products direct.

We have contacted AMD to ask about changes in pricing. When we get a reply, we will update this story. µ

* UPDATE AMD declined to comment on future pricing plans. However, one of AMD's customers has been in touch after our original story and said the prices of the Opterons is rising because they want to stop enthusiasts buying them, and buy the consumer level chips instead.


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