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Occupational safety and health technology: What's new

As workplaces strive to become safer, occupational safety and health are at the forefront. Both employers and employees are finding themselves dealing with a more complex workplace, where technology and equipment come together with human labour to create many of the world's most sought-after products like you can find on While accidents will always be a part of the workplace, there are many innovative measures being introduced on the job in 2014, with the goal being to protect employers, employees and at times customers from being the innocent victim of an incident that can change lives forever.

Some of the biggest news in occupational safety and health in 2014 concerns emergency management. With the threat of terrorist attacks as well as natural disasters looming all the time, businesses have been made to put emergency planning at the top of their list. Along with these incidents, workplace shootings have been in the news almost daily. As businesses try to balance workplace safety with still getting the job done each day, a variety of new products and services are being introduced to help combat the problem.

Some of the newest products involve workplace communication. While many workplaces currently do not allow employees to carry their personal mobile phones with them while working, others are starting to realise the benefits of communication in the event of a crisis. As a result, companies are investing in walkie-talkies to give to employees to carry around with them at all times on the job. Set to a common frequency, these allow direct communication with supervisors as well as security personnel in the event of an emergency.

Another concern for employers regarding employees is substance abuse. As testing for alcohol and drugs has increased in most workplaces, the products used in conducting the tests have also undergone dramatic transformations. In today's workplace, employees can be tested for drugs and alcohol on the spot using a variety of hand-held devices. One of the newer devices is the Drug Test 5000 by Drager. Needing only a small sample of a person's saliva, the device can instantly detect traces of alcohol or drugs in a person's system. This allows supervisors to test employees on the spot, rather than wasting time waiting on another person to do the testing and putting other employee's lives at potential risk.

The year 2014 has also seen an increase in the number of companies using outside consulting services for help with occupational safety and health issues. Attempting to decrease the number of production standstills, downtimes and revisions has many employers using these services. Many of today's consultants are former executives from manufacturing, energy and other companies that dealt with these issues on a daily basis, giving them the experience and know-how to offer solutions to a wide range of problems.

As 2014 continues the march toward year's end, occupational safety and health will continue to be an important topic. Innovative new products, as well as consulting with experts, have given employers the chance to keep their personnel and customers much safer. 

This article has been written by engelbert strauss. 

Wed 06 Aug 2014, 10:57
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