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Mobile sites in the gaming space

mobile-sites-in-the-gaming-space-2Gala Casino has recently re-launched its app for mobile phones and tablets. Being able to access the site via your phone or tablet allows you to use the application on the move and it means you don’t have to wait until you get home to take part in your favourite games.  

A lot of gaming sites have now gone mobile because there is a high demand for customers wanting to enjoy the gaming world wherever they are. With most people now having a smart phone, it seemed to make sense for sites like Gala Casino to have an app for their customers to enjoy. 

The app is built in HTML5, which is a unique first for any gaming app that is currently available to customers.

Google has 67 percent of the market share, so when it suggests something, most marketers listen. This was no exception. Google has said that responsive web design is definitely its recommended mobile configuration. This is because responsive design sites have the same HTML and only one URL regardless of which device you are using. It makes it a lot easier in terms of being able to organise content and therefore new updates can be made a lot quicker.

Twenty-nine percent of gamers prefer to play flying or driving games on the go on their portable devices, while 30 percent of people playing on the go are interested in playing sports and action/adventure games.

mobile-sites-in-the-gaming-space-1Kasper Trier, casino director at Gala, said, "Mobile gaming is absolutely at the top of our agenda this year. We wanted to make Gala’s app across mobile and tablet the best in the industry so we took previous feedback on board and have built in even more features so that users can find their favourite games quicker. By building the apps in HTML5, we’re now able to offer a super quick performance both on mobile and tablet, setting us apart from other gaming brands."

The new Gala Casino app offers more games, promotions and even more bonuses than before. It is also now based on the tried and tested Playtech, which is a major software and gaming system developer that has been around for over 10 years. Expect to see pixel-perfect visuals and easy to navigate games. It is also really easy to access your bankrolls to make quick and safer deposits. The update also comes with the largest Independent Poker Network, iPoker. 

This article has been written by Gala.

Tue 08 Jul 2014, 11:08
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