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Best games coming out in 2014: Batman, Spiderman and Halo

With over 30 new release games lined up for 2014, we thought we’d give you a rundown of our most anticipated titles for this year. We think you’ll agree - there is a lot to look forward to.

Arkham Knight


If there's a game we're excited about this summer, Batman Arkham Knight is undoubtedly it. From early previews and gameplay videos, we can already tell this final instalment of the Arkham series will be the best yet. The all-new addition features a roster of villains that will have all Batman enthusiasts fist pumping. From Scarecrow, Penguin, Two Face and Harley Quinn, players are guaranteed some exciting boss encounters. The game plays out in an evacuated Arkham City, where Batman must fight his way through the villains and thugs who remain.

Arkham Knight is the first of the series to feature a driveable Batmobile which will no doubt add a great dimension to the game. While previous editions featured open world gameplay scenarios, we've heard that this will be the largest and most impressive Arkham City of the franchise. Arkham Knight uses its engine to great effect and the difference between cut scenes and in-game play is almost indiscernible. We particularly loved the introduction of destructible environments such as trees, walls and bridges.

If there's a single player game to purchase this summer, Arkham Knight is a great suggestion. If you want to ensure that you play the game as soon as it’s out, be sure to head over to these following stores to pre-order your copy and get to play as Harley Quinn:
Game - Amazon - Games Centre - Grainger Games -

Halo: The Master Chief Collection


Halo is perhaps the most well-known Xbox videogame franchise and with every new release the military sci-fi saga has continued to improve. Now fans of the 13-year-old franchise will have the opportunity to re-live all of their favourite moments again in The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One. The pack will include Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, Halo 3 and Halo 4, all running at 1080p, 60fps. Many people are especially excited over the revamp of Halo 2, with vastly improved visuals and overhauls of 6 favourite multiplayer maps. Everything will be unlocked from the start, all campaign levels and all multiplayer maps, so you can jump straight into the action from any of the four games. Players will also be able to create custom playlists combining any campaign levels from across the series. With access to over 100 multiplayer maps, without the need to download any, gamers will be easily kept busy until the launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

As if that wasn't enough, also included in the bundle will be the Ridley Scott produced Halo: Nightfall, a five episode, live-action series which will end when the Halo 5: Guardians Beta opens in December. Access to the Beta is also included in the collection, so you can be the first to get a glimpse of the much anticipated next game in the series.

You can pre-order Halo for around £50 at the following retailers:
Game - Amazon - Grainger Games.

Amazing Spiderman 2


There have been seven Spiderman games to date, some of which have been great fun and others that were complete failures. In our eyes this will be one of the better instalments in the Spiderman game series. Loads of work has been done to create an amazing free roaming experience, with a number of mini side mission paths to take as well as the chance to unlock new abilities.

However we were slightly disappointed by the fact there weren’t many changes to the standard game formula that the Spiderman franchise has developed. Reviews have largely criticised the game for feeling like Arkham Knight only with duller environment interaction and side missions. With a mere seven hours of main storyline, this isn't the longest of the Spiderman games and we can't help but think that it has been slightly rushed to coincide with the film. This is a shame as it could have been great.

Out now on PS4 and available to pre-order on Xbox One at the following retailers:
Exclusive Web Threads Edition only at Game - Game Stop - Amazon.

Elder Scrolls Online

elder-scrolls-online The Elder Scrolls series is one of the most loved modern fantasy games of all time. The introduction of an online version is expected to only grow the following and offers strong competition to the equally as popular World of Warcraft series! What we loved was the way in which the class system worked - instead of being stuck with your standard magic, soldier or ranger, you can specialise very deeply within the class to create interesting variations. While this isn't exactly the same as World of Warcraft, a lot of the quest and guild dynamics are similar. With a load of things to level up and develop, this game is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun.

The PC version is out now with console versions expected in June. There's an offer available to players who buy the PC version before June and wish to transfer their characters to a consoler version. A discount is available to eligible customers who buy the PC version and console copy. You can pre-order console versions from the following retailers:
Exclusive Imperial Edition only at Game - Amazon - Argos - Play.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been getting incredible hype since the recent trailer release, which can be viewed here. The game is expected to be a slight deviation from previous instalments and makes use of futuristic exoskeleton technology which means you'll be able to cloak, power jump and run for a new combat dynamic. There will also be hover motorcycles and other thrilling futuristic modes of transport to use. We're excited to give it a shot.

Available now to pre-order from the following retailers:
Pre-order bonus only at

So there's our run down of the best games coming out this summer. We can't wait to get stuck in.

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Fri 04 Jul 2014, 15:33
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