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Does having an iPhone make you smarter?
iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S

What phone you have can sometimes lead people to judge you before they've even gotten to know you. An old brick suggests you are either struggling for money or don't care about technology, whereas a flashy smartphone tells everyone you keep up to date with technology and like to spend money on gadgets.

Have you wondered whether your phone says something about your intelligence? Ladbrokes recently conducted a survey that asked users to complete a quiz called 'The Test of Wits'. The intelligence test asked brain teaser questions and Ladbrokes measured the speed with which people completed the test. They also asked users to name the type of phone they used, so that they could determine which phone was used by people with the quickest wits.

Not surprisingly, iPhone users came out on top by completing the test in an average of 94 seconds. Nexus users came in second by finishing the test in 99 seconds and Samsung users came third with 103 seconds. (Note: the fastest speed overall was achieved by a Samsung user who completed the test in 47 seconds.)

Now is the moment to sulk if your phone wasn't in the top three. Could it mean that your choice of phone means you are less intelligent than an iPhone user? HTC users completed the test in an average of 105 seconds, Nokia users also took 105 seconds and Blackberry users came last by finishing the test in 118 seconds.

Does this really mean that Blackberry users are the least intelligent? As a Blackberry user myself, I'd have to say no. Perhaps I'm being biased, but the test wasn't exactly difficult. The Test of Wits asked questions like 'How many 9s are there between 1 and 100?' and 'How many months have 28 days?' There were multiple answers to choose from, meaning many people could have guessed the answers anyway and completed the task more quickly than those who took the time to deliberate each brain teaser.

1,000 smart phone users took the test, which isn't a huge amount of people, so maybe if more people had been asked the results would have been different. Maybe I'm being bitter, but the fact that I own a Blackberry doesn't mean I'm dim-witted, maybe it just means I like to be thorough and correct, rather than rush through things. (Still, I won't be getting my phone out in public if I can help it!)

This article was written by Craig Davidson on behalf of Ladbrokes

Tue 08 Apr 2014, 09:41
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