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Anonymous and the World Cup: What it's all about

Online protesters aim to show a truthful portrayal of Brazilian life
Wed Jun 04 2014, 11:15
Fifa World Cup trophy

FOLLOWING THE NEWS that the Anonymous hydra will attack the FIFA World Cup and its sponsors we had a brief chat with one of the group's members to discover why the tournament is being targeted.

We spoke with Che Commodore, who has become a spokesperson for the Brazilian protest and has links to AnonBrNews, a Brazilian hacktivist cell.

Che said that the Anonymous World Cup operation began in earnest earlier this year. He said that an Anonymous cell that he has worked with started it, but he added that it has widespread hacktivist support. Anonymous has published a manifesto online.

"The operation began to be articulated at the beginning of the year by @AnonBrNews cell that I [have] contributed to [for] about [three] years," he said. "It is a global action, and all Anonymous around the world are invited to join us."

The protests intend to show football fans, sponsors and anyone who turns their attention to Brazil, a truthful portrayal of Brazilian life.

When the operation was announced the group called for increased awareness and a desire to show the world, "the World Cup that government does not show to you", the hacktivists wrote.

"In 2014 the world will live the 'Brazilian dream'. It's the country of the World Cup, & blessed for God and beautiful for nature. That it's a beauty! But, what beauty? The World of Cup have implicit characters, but this the Government Brazilian choose to hide," it said. "When you arrive in Brazil, you tourists, will be surprised by assaults with guns."

This effort will continue and the hydra will take on any organisations that it believes are associated with the deception, according to the group's spokesman.

Che Commodore has been involved in technology for a decade. He said that he is a programmer and long-time protestor who became involved in hacktivism at about the same time.

"I'm a programmer for about 10 years and started getting involved in hacktivism about [eight] years ago. Che Commodore is a nickname that I adopted for this operation only," he explained.

The operation has many targets and they include corporations like Coca Cola, Sony, McDonalds, Visa and Budweiser. Che said that any companies that work with Fifa and support the competition will be targeted. He added that the hoped-for result is positive change.

"All companies that condone the injustices committed by Fifa will be our targets," he said. "We want the next competitions to be different. We don't want the injustices in South Africa and Brazil to continue through to the next events."

The group has already released email data thanks to an individual called AnonManifest, who used a phishing attack to break into the Brazilian Foreign Ministry's database. Denial of service attacks are expected to follow. µ


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