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Top 10 bad robots: From Proteus IV to the Spider-bot

If in doubt, do not recharge
Fri Jul 05 2013, 12:02

SOON ROBOTS will be everywhere. They will be driving our buses, making our cups of coffee and tying our shoelaces. Or will they?

Surely, as history and film have told us, they will all turn out bad and turn on us, their meaty creators. With this in mind, The INQUIRER presents its 10 baddest robots.

10. Maximilian: The Black Hole
maximilian-the-black-holeDisney's The Black Hole was the mouse firm's answer to George Lucas' Star Wars, and while its good robot was perhaps too good, its bad robot was evil incarnate.

Maximilian, second in command on the Cygnus ship that our heroes encounter, is the film's Darth Vader. He is a hulking brooding beast with a thin red slit for an eye. His presence is full of menace and his intentions are bad.

The large red robot is a bastard right up to the end, a bizarre sequence in which he merges with the ship's commander, Dr Hans Reinhardt and heads, we think, to Hell.

9. Hector: Saturn 3
saturn-3-hectorIt should be safe to assume that a robot made as part of what is referred to as a "Demigod Series" would be treated with much caution.

Hector, from a script by Martin Amis, is the unlikely named robot in Saturn 5, the star stuffed robot space drama from the very early '80s.

It might look a bit clunky now, and its demo, where we get to see it playing chess, belies a really nasty piece of work.

Sharing a brain and a fascination with Farrah Fawcett with Harvey Keitel's Captain Benson, he shuffles around the ship murdering people until ultimately he is destroyed.


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