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How Google's employee count compares with competitors

We compare how the internet giant's workforce stacks up against those of Apple, IBM and Microsoft
Fri Jul 20 2012, 12:18
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INTERNET SERVICES GIANT Google has revealed that its acquisition of Motorola almost doubled its workforce, which increased from 33,077 on 31 March to 54,604 as of 30 June.

The firm has certainly come a long way from its start-up roots in the 1990s, with recently departed veteran Marissa Mayer famously having been employee number 20.

The headcount increase means that Google continues its rise as one of the world's biggest firms, although as our list shows, it still has some way to go to overtake other industry stalwarts in terms of number of employees.

1. IBM: Around 450,000 (as of January 2012)

The clear leader, the firm is closing in on half-a-million full-time staff, based on information given by the firm's chief information officer at its Lotusphere event in 2012 attended by our sister IT news publication V3.

2. HP: Around 350,000 employees (as of 2011)

While the firm has seen new additions in recent years from Palm and Autonomy, and the loss of some 27,000 jobs announced earlier this year, HP remains one of the biggest employers in the information technology industry.

3. Oracle: 115,116 (as of June 2012)

Enterprise software specialist Oracle outdoes Apple and Google in terms of staff, employing approximately 115,116 workers around the globe.

4. Intel: 100,100 (as of February 2012)

Intel employs a rather binary 100,100 employees, more than the number of staff working for Microsoft as the company's revenues continue to grow.

5. Microsoft: Around 90,000 (as of 2011)

Despite posting its first loss yesterday due to its high-profile Aquantive write-off, Microsoft is home to 90,000 staff across the globe, thousands more than its main rivals.

6. Cisco: 65,223 (as of 2012)

Cisco employs 65,223 staff, split over 165 countries across the world in over 475 offices.

7. Apple: 60,400 (as of September 2011)

Apple has 60,400 full-time staff, 30,000 less than Microsoft, although the company has another 2,900 temporary employees and contractors.

8. Google: 54,604 (as of June 2012)

As noted, the completion of its acquisition of Motorola has seen the firm's workforce rocket towards 55,000, a far cry from its start-up days.

9. Facebook: 3,200 (as of December 2011)

The social network company worth around $60bn is one of the smallest firms in terms of number of employees, despite being one of the biggest global brands, with an SEC filing revealing that just 3,200 staff are employed at the firm as of the end of 2011.

10. Twitter: Around 1,000

Official figures on Twitter employee numbers don't exist - we asked, but it didn't get back to us - but it's estimated there are around 1,000 full-time staff at the company, based on reports online. µ

Note: Figures are accurate from recent SEC filings and widespread reports but are obviously not definitive.


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