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Rockstar teases with a Grand Theft Auto V trailer

Firm will release preview on 2nd November
Tue Oct 25 2011, 12:59

GAMES DEVELOPER Rockstar has got us rather excited at the prospect of watching a trailer for a console gaming title, something that few firms can manage.

But this is the company that brought us Grand Theft Auto, and it is the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

Unfortunately, other than the fact that Rockstar has given us a date for the trailer release, which is 2 November, there is not much else that we can say. grand-theft-auto-5

There is no other information other than the date and the fact that the 'V' of the title uses a font usually associated with American currency. From this we can guess that the game will take place in the US, which does not surprise us at all.

Since it stopped having a top down view, the GTA series has always taken place in American cities or locations designed to look like them. So far we have had Liberty City, which looks like New York, Vice City, which had its design roots in Miami, and San Andreas, which took in South Eastern Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The player usually takes on the role of a low level hoodlum before gradually, by way of stealing cars, shooting people, and indulging in thuggery, rising to the top of the criminal food chain. This installment could take a different path - you could play a soccer mom named Elaine struggling to rise to the top of the local parent teacher association, for example, but we sincerely doubt it. µ


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