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Battlefield 3 gets 12 minutes of footage online

War games are sweary
Mon Apr 18 2011, 15:38

GAMES DEVELOPER DICE has posted a 12 minute "Fault Line" gameplay trailer online of its upcoming Battlefield 3.

battlefield-3Dice has already teased us with a some mission gameplay of its popular first person shooter combat game Battlefield 3. Now the company has titillated us even further with 12 minutes of gameplay footage from the Battlefield 3 "Fault Line" single player campaign.

The footage isn't very fieldlike but it is very battlelike and sweary, so put your fingers in your ears now if you're not partial to some of the more vulgar terms of the English language.

You play the part of a front line grunt sent to quell a hostile insurgency on the Iraq and Iran border. In the first mission you are on the ground and come under sniper fire. The second mission puts you on the rooftops to eliminate the sniper in typical US fashion. That's an excessive rocket launcher that blows out several floors to demo how incredible Battlefield 3 destructive environments are, thanks to Dice's Frostbite 2 game engine. Finally, you have to follow a dodgy looking wire, which ends in an earthquake to show once again how brilliant on-the-fly destruction is in-game.

If that wasn't enough, Dice randomly throws in some clips of manned tanks and planes to re-affirm to Battlefield 3 gamers that it has gone back to its roots of better implemented vehicular mayhem as well as infantry fighting.

It'll be interesting to see how this will play out. It looks like Dice has added the great single player focus it learned from Battlefield: Bad Company and returned to the much more engaging multi-player scenarios of Battlefield 1942. We don't actually see any multi-player action but if it gets that right, Dice could be onto another winner.

We PC gamers sit in hope. Dice has already announced it is switching back to using the PC as its development hardware of choice rather than relying on a lame console port. That means Dice should harness the superior power of the PC to deliver the best game it can, which it will pare down to squeeze onto consoles. PC gamers will also go back to 64 players online per server, which Dice took down to 32 players to accommodate the limitations of consoles. µ


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