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Apple gets a slide-to-unlock patent for smartphones and tablets

Trouble ahead for Samsung and HTC

Wed Oct 26 2011, 15:01

Microsoft flogs Android and Chrome licences to Quanta

Another big fish caught in Microsoft's net

Fri Oct 14 2011, 14:01

Microsoft collects WP7 location data without user knowledge

Jailbreaker rubbishes Microsoft's claims

Mon Sep 26 2011, 13:44

Microsoft will roll out Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in two weeks

Urges users to wait for the release

Thu Sep 22 2011, 14:54

Google buys 1,023 patents from IBM to protect Android

Big Blue helps the Green Machine

Thu Sep 15 2011, 14:37

Larry Ellison and Larry Page will appear at Android settlement talks

By order of the judge

Mon Sep 12 2011, 13:26

Microsoft allows developers to submit Windows Phone 7.1 Mango applications

Time to pack the shelves

Wed Aug 24 2011, 17:30

HTC tries to ban Apple's Iphone and Ipad by claiming patent infringement

Latest shot in a seemingly never ending patents war

Wed Aug 17 2011, 14:23

Google faces an FTC probe into Android and internet search services

Android is attacked from another angle

Thu Aug 11 2011, 15:12

Apple releases IOS 5 beta 4 with WiFi syncing

Using Google's over-the-air updating mechanism

Mon Jul 25 2011, 16:34

Oracle accepts a $2.6bn cap on damages from Google over Android

Latest skirmish in the Java patents battle

Thu Jun 30 2011, 16:20

HTC Desire won’t get a Gingerbread upgrade

Disappointment after such a long wait

Tue Jun 14 2011, 16:50

RIM announces a Blackberry Java SDK v7.0 Beta

Developers get the low down on Bold smartphone features

Wed Jun 01 2011, 12:42

Microsoft will preview Windows Phone 7.5 Mango tomorrow

Ballmer claims 500 new features

Mon May 23 2011, 16:58

Angry birds get distressed by Iphone and Android mating calls

Birdwatchers are threatened with jail time

Fri May 13 2011, 14:26

Sony PS3 hacker accepts Ipad 2 jailbreak challenge

Geohot goes back to his IOS hacking roots

Tue May 03 2011, 17:12

Android overtakes Apple's IOS in app downloads

Little green robot continues its ascent

Tue Oct 25 2011, 16:37

Microsoft relies on Samsung and HTC cash to peddle Windows Phone

Wants sales clerks to push its devices

Mon Oct 10 2011, 11:48

Oracle claims it has lost $1.16bn due to Android

Probably not as much as Nokia

Fri Sep 23 2011, 13:50

Google wants developers to adopt Ice Cream Sandwich

One Android for smartphones and tablets

Tue Sep 20 2011, 16:44

RIM settles with Dolby over audio patents

Threat of Blackberry sales ban lifted

Tue Sep 13 2011, 12:12

Google will launch Android Ice Cream Sandwich in October or November

Eric Scmidt confirms the release window

Thu Sep 08 2011, 13:05

Kaspersky claims app stores will be filtered by security firms

Wants to offer assurance as threat grows

Thu Sep 01 2011, 14:29

Skype buys communications firm Groupme

Bolsters its feature list for Microsoft

Mon Aug 22 2011, 15:53

Cyanogenmod head joins Samsung to work on Android

Brings hardcore credibility to Samsung's Android team

Tue Aug 16 2011, 14:29

Microsoft loses its Windows Phone developer manager

Goes off in search of something better

Tue Aug 09 2011, 14:53

Microsoft signs up Wistron and eyes Samsung for Android licenses

May not need Windows Phone 7 after all

Wed Jul 06 2011, 13:23

Google applications are the most popular on Android and Iphone handsets

Figures show IOS is still way ahead of Android

Thu Jun 23 2011, 18:19

Windows Phone 7 is set to outgrow Android and IOS over the next few years

IDC forecast puts Microsoft in second place by 2015

Thu Jun 09 2011, 15:16

Canonical rubbishes Android tablets

Computex 2011 The Motorola Atrix and Asus Padfone are just the beginning

Tue May 31 2011, 13:27

Microsoft proclaims threaded email in Windows Phone 7 update

Messaging like it's 2005

Tue May 17 2011, 11:12

Next Windows Phone 7 patch won't work for unofficial upgraders

Unofficially patched phones are stuck

Thu May 05 2011, 12:01

Apple denies tracking Iphone users

Collects data so users can find themselves quickly

Wed Apr 27 2011, 15:08

Android Market tops 500,000 apps

While 37 per cent get the boot

Mon Oct 24 2011, 14:24

Microsoft opens Windows Phone 7.5 update to 50 per cent of devices

Happy after analysing installation data

Tue Oct 04 2011, 12:36

Oracle's $2.2bn claim against Android is flawed claims Google

The battle of the Larrys continues

Thu Sep 22 2011, 16:37

Judge allows Oracle to keep Java copyright claims

Doesn't let Google off easily

Fri Sep 16 2011, 13:07

Samsung announces a Bada upgrade for old handsets

Coming in the fourth quarter

Mon Sep 12 2011, 22:23

HTC files a lawsuit against Apple with Google's patents

Palm and Openwave lend their hands

Thu Sep 08 2011, 09:28

Sony Ericsson Xperia phones will get an Android upgrade

Another handset on its way too

Thu Aug 25 2011, 11:08

HP dumping WebOS devices will cripple its future

Opinion Cuts off its legs to save face

Fri Aug 19 2011, 14:10

McAfee launches Wavesecure lock-down application for Iphones

Offers fanbois a safety net

Mon Aug 15 2011, 15:48

Microsoft gives Windows Phone 7 Mango a voice

Decides to create software that listens and talks

Thu Aug 04 2011, 13:40

Microsoft captures just one per cent of US smartphone sales with Windows Phone 7

Slowly slowly not catchy monkey

Fri Jul 01 2011, 17:37

Android malware targets unofficial releases

Makes use of public private keys

Fri Jun 17 2011, 15:48

Apple's IOS 5 gets jailbroken within 24 hours of launch

The Dev Team does a job on Steve Jobs

Tue Jun 07 2011, 18:50

Nokia will support Symbian until 2016

No word on Meego

Fri May 27 2011, 11:13

Microsoft brings together Messenger, Facebook and AOL chat in WP7 update

As if that will draw smartphone buyers

Mon May 16 2011, 14:24

Android boosts smartphone marketshare

Nokia is not erased from history yet

Wed May 04 2011, 15:55
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