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UK accountancy watchdog kicks off Autonomy probe

Financial Reporting Council to look into pre-acquisition filings

Mon Feb 11 2013, 14:38

Eric Schmidt plans to offload 3.2 million Google shares

Bank manager looks on with glee

Mon Feb 11 2013, 13:02

Blackberry and Dell want to switch markets

Column Dell wants business customers, while Blackberry goes after consumers

Fri Feb 08 2013, 18:04

Bing slips to fifth largest global search engine, after Russian site Yandex

Must be all those searches for photos of a topless Putin out fishing

Fri Feb 08 2013, 14:35

Microsoft claims Gmail invades privacy

Google says it doesn't read users' emails

Thu Feb 07 2013, 10:38

Android 4.x Jelly Bean is on 13.6 percent of devices

Android 2.3 Gingerbread has the highest share

Wed Feb 06 2013, 10:47

Channel 4 releases its 4oD on demand Android app

In demand, on demand and in store

Tue Feb 05 2013, 14:38

Oracle rushes out yet another Java security update

Addresses more vulnerabilities

Mon Feb 04 2013, 11:59

Mozilla’s Firefox starts autoblocking web plugins

Browser is viewed as ‘most trusted’

Wed Jan 30 2013, 14:18

RIM pins its hopes on Blackberry 10 launch

Analysts aren't so optimistic

Wed Jan 30 2013, 10:20

Yahoo posts its first revenue increase in four years

Company looks for turnaround

Tue Jan 29 2013, 10:34

Microsoft sees entertainment unit struggle in quarterly earnings

Profits are down in Redmond

Fri Jan 25 2013, 01:24

Android malware threats will top one million this year

Malware targeting the OS to triple

Wed Jan 23 2013, 15:51

College student expelled for reporting security vulnerability

Feels the wrath of academia

Mon Jan 21 2013, 16:13

Windows Phone 7.8 will arrive on 31 January

Coming to some devices next week

Mon Jan 21 2013, 11:15

Another Java exploit is on sale for $5,000

Criminals hit Java again just 24 hours after patch

Wed Jan 16 2013, 16:55

Mozilla will offer a single Firefox build for Windows 8

Will support Metro and desktop environments in one executable

Tue Jan 15 2013, 12:30

Tesco eyes Netflix with launch of free TV and film streaming service

Updated Available exclusively to Clubcard holders

Mon Feb 11 2013, 14:28

Vodafone warns iPhone 4S users against iOS 6.1

Update will drain your battery and affect 3G signal, says network

Mon Feb 11 2013, 12:41

Motorola loses battle over 13 patent claims against Microsoft

Judge throws out video codec patents

Fri Feb 08 2013, 16:41

One in three PCs are infected with malware

China and South Korea are most infected, says Panda Labs

Thu Feb 07 2013, 16:24

Monkey Drums makes German €10,000 richer on Apple's iTunes

Music service sets a record

Wed Feb 06 2013, 16:28

Amazon tempts developers into Kindle Fire app store with free coins

Millions in virtual currency dangled

Wed Feb 06 2013, 09:11

Runrev hits Kickstarter to fund open source Livecode

Plans to reinvent Apple's Hypercard

Mon Feb 04 2013, 16:45

Microsoft gets sued over patents related to Bing

Google was already forced to pay up

Fri Feb 01 2013, 13:07

RIM’s European MD fends off 'what went wrong' question

We'll never know what he thinks happened

Wed Jan 30 2013, 11:47

VMware sees meagre profit growth and sheds 900 jobs

Revenue growth doesn't help the bottom line

Tue Jan 29 2013, 11:21

Microsoft says Office 2013 will arrive on 29 January

Thanks for the notice

Mon Jan 28 2013, 17:10

Twitter launches its video sharing service Vine

Offers six seconds of looping creativity

Thu Jan 24 2013, 18:01

Fujitsu talks up visible IP address image recognition

Smartphone used to initiate data transfer

Tue Jan 22 2013, 17:18

RIM changes the name of Blackberry App World

Just days ahead of Blackberry 10 launch

Mon Jan 21 2013, 13:27

Judge orders Apple CEO Tim Cook's deposition on antitrust claims

Schmidt and Otellini also lined up

Fri Jan 18 2013, 13:16

Fedora 18 ships with Cinnamon and Mate desktops

More options out of the box

Tue Jan 15 2013, 22:10

Microsoft launches App Idol competition for Windows 8 app developers

App Star will reward software writers with a TV spot

Tue Jan 15 2013, 12:09

AOL posts first quarterly revenue increase in eight years

Now it needs to string four in a row

Mon Feb 11 2013, 14:01

Apple, Microsoft and Adobe prices are questioned in Australia

High returns in Oz

Mon Feb 11 2013, 12:08

NASA will hold a Google+ Hangout with the Space Station

Asks people to submit questions

Fri Feb 08 2013, 16:26

Twitter’s Vine banned for under 17s after porn scare

Age rating follows rush of adult material

Wed Feb 06 2013, 11:43

Evasi0n jailbreak is out for Apple iOS 6

Compatible with all iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini models running iOS 6 and above

Tue Feb 05 2013, 17:45

Crash almost any app on Mac OS X Mountain Lion with just eight characters

They're getting sloppy in Cupertino

Mon Feb 04 2013, 15:33

Blackberry announces the Blackberry 10 Z10 and Q10 smartphones

Blackberry 10 is here

Wed Jan 30 2013, 16:38

Amazon posts a 56 percent increase in profits as ebook sales soar

Quarterly revenue hits $21.27bn

Wed Jan 30 2013, 11:17

Google maps North Korea

Follows chairman’s recent visit

Tue Jan 29 2013, 10:45

Facebook cuts Yandex's Wonder access to data

Twitter's Vine is handed the same treatment

Fri Jan 25 2013, 16:04

Amazon eyes Siri with acquisition of voice recognition firm

Retailer buys Ivona Software

Thu Jan 24 2013, 15:40

Myspace is accused of offering unlicensed music

Embarassing for Justin Timberlake

Mon Jan 21 2013, 16:44

Steve Jobs’ house burglar gets seven years

Looking at four different walls

Mon Jan 21 2013, 12:38

Instagram has 90 million active users

Smiles for the camera app

Fri Jan 18 2013, 09:47

Germany racks up 115 million legal music downloads in 2012

Many might have been by David Hasselhoff

Tue Jan 15 2013, 13:20
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