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Red Hat updates Satellite 5 to version 5.7

Offers Linux server management with improved security and new features

Wed Jan 14 2015, 14:33

Facebook to evolve open source through 'TO DO' collaboration

Will talk openly and develop openly, eventually

Tue Sep 16 2014, 14:37

Facebook will trial Btrfs Linux file system in its data centres

Stress testing in first production use

Fri Mar 28 2014, 13:35

Valve joins the Linux Foundation

Signs up along with Cloudius Systems and the HSA Foundation

Thu Dec 05 2013, 15:21

Open source software makes a perfect match for eHarmony

Dating website is a good open source citizen

Tue Aug 27 2013, 08:30

Canonical will use Intel's efilinux in Ubuntu for UEFI secure boot

Drops Grub after years of work

Mon Jun 25 2012, 14:00

Fedora ARM head claims 64-bit ARM chips will be tipping point

Red Hat sits and waits

Mon Jun 11 2012, 17:14

Dell releases Ubuntu 12.04 image for XPS 13 ultrabook

Still can't dodge the Microsoft tax

Tue May 08 2012, 14:46

Mark Shuttleworth casts doubt on Red Hat's long term relevance

Pricing is the key

Wed Apr 18 2012, 11:19

HP shakes off more WebOS staff

Mind the door on your way out

Wed Feb 29 2012, 13:05

The Document Foundation promises enterprise-ready Libreoffice 3.4 by August

Spills the beans on what really happened with Oracle

Fri Jun 10 2011, 05:02

Mozilla announces Firefox 5 Beta

First one under rapid release programme

Mon May 23 2011, 16:30

SCO changes its name to TSG

Continues on the road to dissolution

Mon May 09 2011, 15:25

Gnome 3.0 desktop tips up

Three years in the making

Thu Apr 07 2011, 12:35

Apache announces Tomcat 7.0.6

Bundled Java Enterprise Edition 6 support

Mon Jan 17 2011, 12:48

Meego 1.1 is a go go on N900 smartphone

Still no official nod from Nokia

Thu Oct 28 2010, 16:00

Asian ODMs turn to Android

Orders not coming from big vendors

Fri Oct 15 2010, 15:43

Red Hat launches RHEL 7.1 Beta with IBM Power8 support

Adds Microsoft CIFS support and real-time dispatching

Mon Dec 15 2014, 15:29

Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens steps down suddenly

Company gives no clue as to why

Fri Aug 29 2014, 13:25

Google challenges Amazon with Cloud Platform price cuts

Suse and Red Hat Linux also join as guest OSes

Wed Mar 26 2014, 09:05

Linux is desperately in need of a killer game, says Battlefield director

If it wants to rival the PS4 and Xbox One

Mon Oct 14 2013, 14:13

Met Office shows some open source love for space weather project

Weather forecasters prefer crowdsourced software

Thu Jul 25 2013, 15:06

Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux 6.3

CentOS is not too far behind

Fri Jun 22 2012, 13:18

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin review

Unity for the enterprise

Wed May 09 2012, 17:15

Canonical releases Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin

Canonical's big hope for the enterprise

Thu Apr 26 2012, 17:28

Canonical is not interested in the Linux kernel

Shuttleworth rebuffs Red Hat's criticism

Tue Apr 17 2012, 10:11

HP will take WebOS open source

Firm to share its mobile operating system

Fri Dec 09 2011, 20:11

Viewsonic toys with the idea of Meego on 8in or 9in tablets

Computex 2011 Looking at all options to give consumers choices

Thu Jun 02 2011, 11:00

Wordpress releases an IOS 2.8 update

Not plugging security fixes anymore

Thu May 19 2011, 12:20

Opera releases web developers' debugging tools

Dragonfly is out now

Thu May 05 2011, 16:40

Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6.14

Focusing efforts on Firefox 4

Wed Mar 02 2011, 14:32

Microsoft approves an open source application

Bows to the inevitable

Wed Nov 17 2010, 17:39

Google’s sweet Android is coming soon

When gingerbread men attack

Mon Oct 25 2010, 12:50

Dell might ship Ubuntu 10.10

Rumours abound

Mon Oct 11 2010, 16:26

Mirantis offers developers free OpenStack with support and tutorials

Now you've no excuse

Thu Dec 04 2014, 16:54

Netflix open sources internet security tools

Scumblr, Sketchy and Workflowable open to all

Thu Aug 28 2014, 17:35

Red Hat and CentOS team up to push Linux and Openstack

Open-source developers get easy access to projects

Thu Jan 09 2014, 11:58

Happy 30th birthday GNU

Richard Stallman's Free Software movement enters its fourth decade

Mon Sep 30 2013, 15:43

Open WebOS project announces Community Edition

Showing developers the possibilities

Wed Jun 27 2012, 14:34

Nvidia responds to Torvalds by citing Linux ARM kernel contributions

Optimus is not on the same level as Tegra

Wed Jun 20 2012, 12:41

Canonical expects Ubuntu to be pre-installed on 18 million PCs in 2013

Aims for five per cent of new PCs following latest release

Tue May 08 2012, 17:46

HP will certify Ubuntu 12.04 on some Proliant servers

Yet more competition for Microsoft

Thu Apr 19 2012, 15:26

Iceland’s public sector IT moves towards open source

All of Iceland's public administration is on the move

Thu Mar 22 2012, 14:55

Government spends a fortune on proprietary technology

Despite promising a level playing field for open source

Mon Sep 05 2011, 16:02

Canonical rubbishes Android tablets

Computex 2011 The Motorola Atrix and Asus Padfone are just the beginning

Tue May 31 2011, 13:27

Wordpress launches 3.2 Beta 1.0

Better, faster, stronger

Thu May 12 2011, 15:19

Canonical releases second beta of Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal'

Confirms everything is go for launch

Fri Apr 15 2011, 16:33

An open source media centre is available on Ithings

Ported for a laugh

Fri Jan 21 2011, 13:35

Google’s Gingerbread is even more imminent

Coming soon

Mon Nov 08 2010, 16:04

Google punches back at Steve Jobs' babbling

Reality is outside his distortion field

Wed Oct 20 2010, 12:53
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