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Google Search adds third-party app support and improved email scanning

Google Now can now nag you about plans you didn't know you made

Thu Nov 13 2014, 13:42

Android 5.0 Lollipop dominates this week's Google updates

But there's also news for Chrome Android, Androidify and Translate

Thu Oct 16 2014, 16:06

Kitkat now runs on more than a fifth of active Android devices

But Jelly Bean continues to claim more than half

Wed Aug 13 2014, 11:09

Yahoo continues acquisition binge with Snapchat rival buy

Blink and you'll miss it

Wed May 14 2014, 14:56

Samsung Galaxy smartphone users have no time for proprietary apps

Users spend less than a minute a month in the Samsung App Store

Wed Apr 23 2014, 15:33

The Android Experiment: Investigating HTML5, Photoshop and Blu-ray support

Episode eight answers more of your questions

Fri Jan 24 2014, 15:26

Moto G gets the first taste of Android 4.4 Kitkat

Updated Two fingers to the competition

Mon Jan 13 2014, 13:26

CES: Lenovo Thinkpad 8 video demo

A sturdy 8in tablet for users on the go

Wed Jan 08 2014, 16:26

Google snaps up alarm app maker Bitspin

A timely intervention

Mon Jan 06 2014, 17:02

Google in hot water over removed Android permissions app

The Mountain View giveth and the Mountain View taketh away

Mon Dec 16 2013, 15:46

Swiftkey beta offers Emoji support and number row

Sometimes words just aren't enough

Thu Dec 12 2013, 15:00

Google makes Play store more tablet friendly

Signposts the way to optimised apps

Fri Nov 22 2013, 14:21

Firms shouldn't dictate smartphones, tablets and apps for work

#INQdebate rages on

Wed Nov 13 2013, 13:40

A taste of Android 4.4 Kitkat comes to the Google Play store

Keyboard, Text to Speech and Hangouts updated for all

Fri Nov 08 2013, 14:42

Google updates almost everything ahead of Android 4.4 Kitkat unveiling

Its silence is deafening

Wed Oct 30 2013, 16:13

Microsoft releases Remote Desktop apps for iOS and Android

Now iOS and Android device owners can get annoyed too

Fri Oct 18 2013, 12:08

Broadcasters gang up on TV Catchup

21 channels removed from the service

Mon Oct 14 2013, 11:02

Nvidia Shield tablet to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop this month

Likely to be the first non-Nexus device to get the update

Wed Nov 05 2014, 12:13

Google policy aims for a more cohesive Android experience

Vendors that want to use its apps have to play by its rules

Mon Sep 29 2014, 14:17

Google snaps up protege Divide for BYOD Android enterprise

Takes a tip from the school of hard Knox

Tue May 20 2014, 13:54

Apple to hit back at Microsoft and Samsung with split-screen multitasking in iOS 8

Will allow iPad owners to use two apps at once

Wed May 14 2014, 09:41

Blackberry posts $6bn loss for 2014

CEO John Chen harks back to Blackberry 7

Fri Mar 28 2014, 16:16

South Koreans must be allowed to delete Android bloatware

Unless it's going to brick the phone, it must be deletable

Fri Jan 24 2014, 15:05

The INQUIRER Android Experiment: Episode four

Doctor Android answers your questions on gaming, video support and business apps

Mon Jan 13 2014, 10:44

The INQUIRER Android Experiment: Episode two

The Droids are alive with the sound of music

Tue Jan 07 2014, 16:22

Introducing The INQUIRER Android experiment

One man's New Year's resolution to throw out Windows

Tue Dec 31 2013, 11:34

Android users complain of Nexus upgrade woes

Kitkat upgraders don't have a break

Mon Dec 16 2013, 12:08

Chrome apps could reach Android in early 2014

The lines between Chrome and Android are starting to blur

Wed Dec 04 2013, 15:50

Opera 18 launches with Android tablets in mind

Opera's fat lady yet to sing

Wed Nov 20 2013, 15:39

Want to use your mobile at work? Let us put security controls on it

BYOD: Bring your own device or build your own disaster?

Tue Nov 12 2013, 16:58

Jelly Bean reaches 50 percent of Android devices

Android community is full of jelly beans

Mon Nov 04 2013, 12:38

BBM for Android and iOS review

A good app, but late to the party

Mon Oct 28 2013, 08:50

Swiftkey offers Android users 'Layouts for Living'

The venerable keyboard app comes unstuck from its dock

Thu Oct 17 2013, 17:22

Gmail for Android could soon carry advertising

Teardown reveals plans to blur the lines between spam and ham

Mon Sep 30 2013, 11:45

Gmail 5.0 for Android leaks with third-party account support

Now you can add Yahoo and Outlook to your inbox

Mon Nov 03 2014, 13:21

Samsung snubs Google with Nokia Here mapping tie-up

Samsung strikes out alone again

Mon Sep 01 2014, 16:25

Amazon's Android Appstore is throwing free apps and credit around

Download some apps, coin it in

Fri May 16 2014, 16:40

Samsung offers up $1.25m prize pot for Tizen wearables developers

Lagging platform gets a big cash boost

Mon Apr 28 2014, 16:42

HTC One and HTC One Mini get Android 4.4 Kitkat in the UK

Another key device gets updated to the latest Android

Tue Feb 25 2014, 10:15

The Android Experiment: I miss the Windows windows

Episode six revisits the failures

Mon Jan 20 2014, 15:15

The INQUIRER Android Experiment: Episode three

How nearly admitting defeat can make you stronger, plus a musical interlude

Thu Jan 09 2014, 16:11

Transgender woman is outed by Google Hangouts

Google account exposes a sex change

Tue Jan 07 2014, 16:20

Taiwanese tourist nearly drowns checking Facebook

Walks off the end of the pier

Wed Dec 18 2013, 14:45

Google releases Android apps feature updates

The latest tweaks from Mountain View

Thu Dec 12 2013, 16:17

Android 4.x Jelly Bean continues to gain market share

Android 4.4 Kitkat breaks out, while most are full of beans

Tue Dec 03 2013, 11:53

Amazon releases Fire OS 3.1 for Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets

Delivers Goodreads integration, second screen support and enterprise tools

Mon Nov 18 2013, 15:37

Bring, buy or choose your work smartphone, tablet and laptop?

Share your views on the best approach to mobile at work

Mon Nov 11 2013, 15:34

Android 4.4 Kitkat: Everything you need to know

Taking the foil off Kitkat

Fri Nov 01 2013, 13:22

Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows RT 8.1 update

A fine example of RT imitating life

Mon Oct 21 2013, 11:04

Facebook acquires Onavo to make mobile apps more data efficient

Data compression could make Facebook more wallet friendly

Mon Oct 14 2013, 11:56
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