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EA fires up Ignite Sports game engine for Xbox One and PS4

Let’s get physical

Wed May 22 2013, 12:20

Ubisoft releases Splinter Cell Blacklist cooperative play trailer

Shows off dual boost play

Tue May 21 2013, 09:56

Microsoft warms up for Xbox 720 launch

What to expect

Mon May 20 2013, 13:10

Sega brings Sonic the Hedgehog to Android

Horde of the rings

Fri May 17 2013, 09:46

Google celebrates Atari’s Breakout with Easter egg

Game is 37 years old

Tue May 14 2013, 12:54

Sega classic Road Rash reboot gets Kickstarter funding

Road Redemption has exceeded crowdfunding target

Mon May 13 2013, 12:32

Gran Turismo 6 revs up for the PS4

Rumours, like fans, are rife

Thu May 09 2013, 14:21

Wolfenstein: The New Order outed for the PS4, next Xbox

Set for release in the fourth quarter

Tue May 07 2013, 15:32

Call of Duty: Ghosts shimmers into view

Out on 5 November

Thu May 02 2013, 11:25

Ubisoft shows off Watch Dogs ahead of release on Xbox, PS4 and Wii U

Details various purchase options

Tue Apr 30 2013, 15:05

Ubisoft shows off Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Brace of trailers released by game firm

Fri Apr 26 2013, 15:27

Zynga shares dive as it cuts quarterly forecast

Launches Draw Something 2 in a bid to save its popularity

Thu Apr 25 2013, 12:57

Injustice: Gods Among Us review

A solid punch 'em up from the makers of Mortal Kombat

Wed Apr 24 2013, 13:12

Injustice knocks Bioshock Infinite off the top of the games charts

Beat 'em up fends off stiff competition

Mon Apr 22 2013, 13:19

Asda starts preselling the PS4 ahead of Christmas release

Put down a £20 deposit

Thu Apr 11 2013, 14:37

Bioshock Infinite sticks to top of UK games chart

Two weeks in a row as top title

Mon Apr 08 2013, 13:08

Android Gamestick console is delayed until June

Victim of its own success

Mon Apr 08 2013, 09:50

Xbox One to cost £400, come out 30 November says Zavvi

Firms start taking preorders

Wed May 22 2013, 11:33

Sony teases the PS4 on eve of Xbox 720 launch

Video shows little, promises something

Mon May 20 2013, 17:06

EA won't make any more games for the Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo is not making any comment

Fri May 17 2013, 12:35

Sony reveals Gran Turismo 6 for PS3, mobile and web

And PS4, probably

Thu May 16 2013, 10:07

Hacking exploit pops up for Bethesda’s Skyrim and Fallout

A way in to the way out

Mon May 13 2013, 16:00

Electronic Arts rolls out Simcity 3.0 update

Unloads a load of fixes

Thu May 09 2013, 09:54

Unity brings its Union games catalogue to Tizen smartphones

Welcome boost for upstart operating system

Fri May 03 2013, 14:39

Sega and Gearbox sued for falsely advertising Aliens: Colonial Marines

Has already acknowledged quality issue

Thu May 02 2013, 09:41

2K Games announces The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Shooter has been a long time coming

Fri Apr 26 2013, 10:28

Tesco exposes Call of Duty: Ghosts

Game listing has darted back into cover

Thu Apr 25 2013, 12:25

Nintendo makes a profit despite lack of Wii U titles

Wii U sales are a disappointment

Wed Apr 24 2013, 11:35

Simcity will receive its first major update tonight

Fixes city processing bugs and reduces the number of in-game disasters

Mon Apr 22 2013, 12:10

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leaks from Ubisoft’s servers

Game firm shuts off Uplay service to block leak

Thu Apr 11 2013, 09:40

Microsoft might announce the Xbox 720 in May

Firm is staying quiet for now

Mon Apr 08 2013, 12:05

Game pours iPads, Gamepads, and Nexus tablets into its stores

Game seller goes all out on handhelds

Fri Apr 05 2013, 14:28

Microsoft announces its Xbox 360 successor, the Xbox One

Future facing entertainment box

Tue May 21 2013, 19:38

Holy prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins trailer appears

Out on 25 October

Mon May 20 2013, 16:38

Nintendo to cash in on user Youtube walkthrough videos

Let’s Play players down tools

Fri May 17 2013, 11:50

Microsoft is dropping Xbox points system


Wed May 15 2013, 15:13

Dead Island: Riptide review

A gory carnival of zombie dismemberment, let down by narrative and technical issues

Mon May 13 2013, 14:50

Ouya delays Android games console due to cash injection

Dollar delays delivery

Thu May 09 2013, 15:45

Rockstar teases GTA V with 12 more screenshots

Just release the game already

Wed May 08 2013, 17:28

Minecraft heads for an Xbox 360 disc release

First time ever in a physical format

Thu May 02 2013, 12:35

Rockstar releases three Grand Theft Auto V trailers

Give fans a closer look at GTA’s main protagonists

Tue Apr 30 2013, 17:25

Next Call of Duty might be just hours away

Signs suggest a 1 May launch

Mon Apr 29 2013, 14:30

Sony shows off PS4 Dualshock 4 controller

On the same day Microsoft talked Xbox 720

Fri Apr 26 2013, 10:15

Microsoft will reveal next generation Xbox on 21 May

Get ready to get excited

Thu Apr 25 2013, 09:53

Xbox 360 app will let gamers order pizza

A natural fit

Tue Apr 23 2013, 15:33

Classic GTA radio stations come to Spotify and iTunes

Enjoy the sounds of the cities

Fri Apr 12 2013, 15:20

EA’s Simcity for Mac will arrive in June

Building momentum

Wed Apr 10 2013, 16:51

DRM-free Torment is the most richly backed game on Kickstarter

Fundraising campaign approaches $4.5m

Mon Apr 08 2013, 11:39
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