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Mac OS X 10.10.1 fails to fix WiFi issues plaguing Yosemite users

But Apple keeps quiet on persistent problems

Mon Nov 24 2014, 11:35

Microsoft shows off Windows 10's Macbook-style gesture controls and security tools

Firm also flaunts new snap modes and enterprise features

Tue Oct 28 2014, 16:39

Mac OS X Yosemite nears release as GM build arrives with developers

We'll likely hear more on 21 October

Wed Oct 01 2014, 11:14

Apple's Mac OS X Yosemite beta arrives on Thursday

One million Mac users will trial the software ahead of its release

Wed Jul 23 2014, 14:46

Microsoft Patch Tuesday preview confirms Windows XP reprieve was a one-off

The multi-billion dollar corporation is not for turning

Fri May 09 2014, 13:02

Microsoft: SMBs are at dire risk when opening email on Windows XP machines

Please PLEASE upgrade to a newer Windows system

Tue Mar 25 2014, 16:45

Apple Mac OS X 10.9.3 to feature 'Retina' mode for 4K displays

Beta is going out to developers now

Fri Mar 07 2014, 14:54

MWC: Microsoft details Windows 8.1 update ahead of spring rollout

Firm also outs Windows Phone 8.1 with support for entry-level chips, dual SIM devices

Sun Feb 23 2014, 16:54

Leaked Windows 8.1 update shows no Start menu

Rumours of its return might have been exaggerated

Thu Jan 09 2014, 16:15

Google releases always on voice search for Chrome

Though it's a bit hit and miss so far

Wed Nov 27 2013, 14:21

Apple offers free Mavericks OS X update for Mac users

Keen to get everyone on the latest version

Tue Oct 22 2013, 19:13

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 update lands at 12pm UK time today

Will hit new devices starting from Friday

Thu Oct 17 2013, 10:46

Quark Xpress 10 launches with an updated graphics engine and Retina display support

Overhauled user interface brings a more modern look

Wed Jul 24 2013, 10:52

HP and Acer lead biggest PC slump of all time as Apple continues to grow

Worst quarter ever for sales blamed on Windows 8

Thu Apr 11 2013, 11:46

Autodesk announces cloud based Simulation 360 tool

Three times faster product development for designers and engineers

Tue Sep 11 2012, 13:00

Microsoft's Windows XP is still the most popular

It's hard to get users to migrate to Windows 7

Tue May 01 2012, 17:35

Windows 8 Consumer Preview first impressions

The next Windows version looks to be a steep learning curve for most users

Mon Mar 05 2012, 14:15

Apple releases iOS 8.1.1 to speed up iPhone 4S and iPad 2 performance

Firm also rolls out Mac OS X 10.10.1 to fix Yosemite WiFi problems

Tue Nov 18 2014, 10:39

QuarkXpress 2015 to launch early next year with 64-bit speed boost

Software will access all of a PC's RAM for better performance

Tue Oct 28 2014, 16:16

Windows 9 screenshots show start screen, virtual desktops and notification centre

You asked for them, you got em

Mon Sep 15 2014, 16:03

Apple irks professional crowd with Aperture development shutdown

Professional-grade photography app to be replaced with Photos

Mon Jun 30 2014, 12:28

Ubuntu to ditch Amazon product suggestions from its search results

In future, they'll be opt-in only

Mon Mar 31 2014, 14:13

Windows XP users bribed with $100 off Windows 8 devices

Microsoft's latest attempt to encourage upgrades

Mon Mar 24 2014, 17:17

Microsoft to show off Directx 12 at GDC on 20 March

Is likely to have features similar to those in AMD's Mantle gaming API

Thu Mar 06 2014, 16:15

Windows 8.1 update might enable boot to desktop by default

Desperate backpedaling continues

Fri Jan 31 2014, 12:34

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks with Gmail and Safari fixes

Available to download now for free

Tue Dec 17 2013, 11:36

Google celebrates Doctor Who 50th anniversary

OK, Google, show me nearby timelords

Fri Nov 22 2013, 11:03

Early adopters struggle with Windows 8.1 update

One user's struggle with the Windows Store

Thu Oct 17 2013, 16:31

Germany warns against using Windows 8 due to security risks

Government claims it offers a back door for the NSA

Fri Aug 23 2013, 10:05

Steve Ballmer says Windows 8.1 will have a Start button

One button gets the biggest round of applause

Thu Jun 27 2013, 10:47

Canonical releases Ubuntu 12.10 with Amazon search

Says it is easy to disable

Thu Oct 18 2012, 13:01

Microsoft lines up three critical patches for Patch Tuesday

Same old story

Fri Jul 06 2012, 17:18

Microsoft announces the editions it plans for Windows 8

Windows 8, 8 Pro, 8 Enterprise and 8 RT

Tue Apr 17 2012, 12:02

video icon MWC: Ubuntu for Android video demo

Carry a PC desktop in your pocket

Thu Mar 01 2012, 10:42

Windows XP's October market share tumble was overstated, NetApplications admits

Saw a mere 1.18 decrease instead

Thu Nov 06 2014, 14:34

Mac OS X Yosemite sees faster first-week adoption than Mavericks

12.8 percent of Mac users upgraded to latest version within seven days

Mon Oct 27 2014, 14:54

Parallels Desktop 10 adds Mac OS X Yosemite support

Software developer brings Yosemite features to Windows and Windows applications

Thu Aug 21 2014, 09:51

How to sign up for the Mac OS X Yosemite beta programme for free

First million users get to try out the latest OS early

Tue Jun 03 2014, 17:04

Mavericks OS already running on 40 percent of Apple Macs

Microsoft quietly weeps

Fri Mar 28 2014, 14:04

Windows XP users are mistaking Microsoft's nag screens for adware

Rather than upgrading to Windows 8

Fri Mar 21 2014, 11:19

Windows XP market share climbs again as customers dig their heels in

With a month to End of Life, there's still no stopping XP

Mon Mar 03 2014, 14:31

Microsoft should just rename Windows XP as Windows 9

Scare tactics won't make Windows XP users upgrade

Fri Jan 17 2014, 16:38

Valve releases its Steam operating system

It's Linux for high quality PC games

Fri Dec 13 2013, 16:28

Google adds 'OK Google' voice command to Chromebook line

Speak now, or forever press your keys

Thu Nov 21 2013, 15:04

Canonical steals Windows 8.1's thunder with Ubuntu 13.10 release

The firm's first OS that unites the desktop and smartphone

Thu Oct 17 2013, 13:01

Windows 8.1 will be available to download on 17 October

Microsoft announces retail release for the next day

Wed Aug 14 2013, 14:51

Government forces benefits claimants to use Windows XP and IE6

We can't handle your fancy Vista, Chrome, Linux or Macs around here

Thu May 02 2013, 14:05

Quark updates Xpress 9 with HTML 5 support in App Studio

So designers can build HTML 5 apps that are transferable across different tablet devices

Tue Oct 09 2012, 05:02

Microsoft will ditch Window Live brand ahead of Windows 8 launch

Windows 8 to integrate over cloud services across desktop and laptop PCs

Thu May 03 2012, 13:30

OS/2 turns 25 years old

Now it's Ecomstation

Mon Apr 02 2012, 19:06
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