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Seagate cranks up its Barracuda hard drives

Desktop drives get faster

Tue Nov 01 2011, 14:52

Hard drive shortage looms as floods breach Western Digital plant

Toshiba suspends its operations too

Tue Oct 18 2011, 14:45

Qnap sticks a 2GHz ARM chip into a NAS box

Claims high speed, low power network storage

Thu Sep 29 2011, 17:45

Kingston Wi-Drive review

Pint-sized Flash drive boosts storage wirelessly

Wed Sep 14 2011, 12:33

Promise releases a Thunderbolt to fibre channel adaptor for Macs

Laptops finally get fibre channel speed

Tue Sep 06 2011, 14:54

Firm offers 1,000 year discs that use a special optical drive

Rekindles the memory of Laserdisc

Wed Aug 10 2011, 17:56

Buffalo launches NAS storage boxes and routers

More storage than you can shake a stick at

Tue Jul 19 2011, 11:51

Seagate releases ultra-thin Momentus 2.5-inch disk drives for tablets

Archos gets the first taste

Fri Jun 24 2011, 15:29

Kingston takes an SSD to gamers with a Sandforce controller

Computex 2011 Memory firm also shows off its Wi-Drive IOS wireless external storage box

Thu Jun 02 2011, 08:00

Sandisk reveals INAND Extreme embedded flash drive

Improves performance for mobile devices

Tue May 31 2011, 13:12

OCZ updates its Agility and Solid SSDs to SATA3

Latest bus and controller boosts bandwidth

Wed May 11 2011, 13:55

Hitachi launches portable USB 3.0 hard drives with cloud storage

On the go and in the air

Wed Apr 20 2011, 13:55

Foremay announces world’s smallest SSD on chip

The size of a 20p piece

Fri Mar 25 2011, 12:43

Seagate extends its range of storage products

HDDs and SSDs too

Tue Mar 15 2011, 17:03

Verbatim launches dual-layer rewritable Blu-ray discs

High capacity, expensive coasters

Wed Mar 02 2011, 14:11

Global storage is estimated at 295 exabytes

We’re gonna need a bigger hard drive

Fri Feb 11 2011, 13:45

Toshiba releases a trio of 1.8-inch hard drives for tablets

Offers a low cost alternative to flash

Tue Jan 25 2011, 16:10

Quantum announces its NDX and RDX NAS boxes

With or without deduplication

Mon Oct 24 2011, 16:46

SSD MLC cells move into the enterprise high end

Analysis More capacity but not less reliability

Thu Oct 13 2011, 18:15

Western Digital updates its My Passport external hard drives

Up to 1TB for Apple Mac systems

Fri Sep 23 2011, 10:34

G-Technology announces 4TB G-Drive and 8TB G-Raid

Hard disk drives by Hitachi

Thu Sep 08 2011, 11:23

Hitachi launches 1TB per platter hard drives

But is cautious on capacity

Tue Sep 06 2011, 13:34

Kingston launches Sandforce 2281 SSDs

Promises extended testing

Tue Aug 02 2011, 13:59

Revodrive 3 and 3 X2 SSD drives see the light of day

Enterprise performance without a seatbelt

Thu Jul 14 2011, 16:57

Samsung launches Spinpoint M8 hard drive

High capacity for notebooks

Thu Jun 09 2011, 15:45

Texas Memory puts out a 5GB/s SSD SAN box

Flash in the SAN

Wed Jun 01 2011, 17:27

Kingston launches a USB 3.0 flash drive

Up to 64GB for around £100

Wed May 18 2011, 17:33

Seagate unveils 3TB external hard drive

625GB per square inch

Wed May 04 2011, 12:07

Seagate launches a Goflex Slim external hard drive

320GB in an ultrathin portable package

Tue Apr 05 2011, 14:11

Kingston announces class 10 SDHC cards

In smaller sizes

Wed Mar 23 2011, 16:10

Buffalo announces refreshed Terastation NAS boxes

Accessible from anywhere

Mon Mar 07 2011, 11:24

Super Talent sticks DDR flash chips onto a PCI Express SSD

A respectable read but nothing to write home about

Tue Feb 22 2011, 15:50

Plextor unleashes long life and stable SSDs on UK market

Lock up your datas

Mon Feb 07 2011, 15:31

Kingston demos a wireless flash NAS for Apple's Ipad

Expands storage one way or another

Fri Jan 07 2011, 08:59

Seagate acquisition of Samsung's hard drive business is approved

After a six month investigation

Thu Oct 20 2011, 14:34

Seagate launches its Goflex Cinema drive

A home media hub

Wed Oct 12 2011, 11:54

Intel announces its 710 Series SSD drives

IDF 2011 Performance and endurance for the data centre

Wed Sep 14 2011, 22:40

Seagate announces a 4TB Goflex Desk hard drive

Ahead of the rest

Wed Sep 07 2011, 12:22

Kingston Wi-Drive will tip up later this week

Wireless storage for IOS

Mon Aug 15 2011, 13:10

Western Digital launches its Scorpio Blue 1TB hard drive

Super slim for notebooks

Wed Jul 20 2011, 17:33

Adaptec SATA3 board allows SSD users to mirror to hard drives

Serves up RAID on a platter

Mon Jul 11 2011, 17:38

video icon Kingston Wi-Drive video demo

Computex 2011 Storage firm shows off its wireless storage device for IOS devices

Thu Jun 02 2011, 09:44

IBM shows off the old hardware in its basement

Historical hardware from IBM's 100 year history is on show at its Hursley site

Tue May 31 2011, 18:26

Western Digital releases 3TB hard drives for videos

As smooth as silk

Mon May 16 2011, 15:30

Intel preps its 20GB Larsen Creek SSD

Motherboard vendor outs Intel's plans

Thu Apr 28 2011, 13:27

Intel releases 320 Series SSDs

600GB for $1,069

Mon Mar 28 2011, 18:07

Western Digital launches a 6TB external hard drive

A third more space

Thu Mar 17 2011, 17:22

Thecus launches a range of XXX NAS boxes

Claims size and speed

Mon Mar 07 2011, 11:04

Buffalo debuts USB 3.0 external multi-drives

Up to 12TB if you can wait until some time later this year

Tue Feb 22 2011, 12:22

Qnap queues up home NAS servers

Turbo memory boxes at home at home and in the small office

Mon Jan 31 2011, 14:45
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