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Belkin routers downed in synchronised borkage incident

Fixed now, but you might need to switch it off and on again

Wed Oct 08 2014, 16:23

Internet of Things needs to be encrypted to offer proper security

Research reveals data protection and user education gaps are holding back IoT

Mon Jul 21 2014, 08:50

3G and 4G USB modems are vulnerable to login ID-stealing hackers

Cross Site Request Forgery attacks could be used to steal credentials via SMS

Thu Jan 30 2014, 15:22

European Commission antitrust investigators storm ISPs

No one expects the EC inquisition

Thu Jul 11 2013, 14:04

Syria falls off the internet again

The second time in a fortnight

Wed May 15 2013, 14:36

Ofcom thinks 2Mbit/s broadband target is too low

Minimum speeds of 8-10Mbit/s would be better

Fri Jan 11 2013, 15:05

Olympics technology legacy promises a marathon not a sprint

Cisco and Tech City chiefs confident long-term effects of London Games will be seen over time

Mon Oct 29 2012, 16:51

WiFi networks are ready to take the strain of Olympic mobile demand

BT, O2 and Virgin Media in pole position to deliver widespread internet coverage

Wed Jul 11 2012, 09:00

Alienware will ship Qualcomm Atheros Killer Wireless-N 1202 network card

Claims lower latency for gamers

Wed May 23 2012, 13:06

CES: Netgear showcases wireless routing and storage advances

New models seek to extend coverage and collaboration

Mon Jan 09 2012, 20:32

Mysterious flaw crashes Bind 9 DNS servers

Get patching people

Thu Nov 17 2011, 14:06

Jeremy Hunt wants an end to 4G auction delays

Operators must drop arguments, move on

Wed Sep 14 2011, 09:54

Ofcom pushes on with White Spaces trials

Progress report from UK telecomms body

Thu Sep 01 2011, 11:15

video icon World reach of CERN seen in real-time video of data transfers

Datacentre firms in US, Asia, South Americ and Africa help European project store its data

Wed Jun 29 2011, 12:44

HP slams Cisco for lack of network innovation

Must have got bored with fighting Oracle

Tue May 10 2011, 11:09

Netgear Powerline AV 500 kit review

Its fastest powerline network adapter hits the UK

Thu Mar 10 2011, 14:48

Lord Sugar's tech advisor doesn't get tech

ISP? What's that?

Thu Dec 16 2010, 11:35

HP and Lancaster University show off the potential of software defined networking

University brings up 38 switch network as HP launches an SDN app store

Fri Sep 26 2014, 16:02

Facebook turns its attentions to homegrown Wedge switch and Linux OS

The season of the switch

Thu Jun 19 2014, 11:30

Why we put up with imperfection

Column This Christmas, I'm taking on our faith in technology

Fri Dec 20 2013, 10:30

Google’s Project Loon will give internet access to everyone on the planet

An network of balloons will float in the stratosphere

Mon Jun 17 2013, 11:47

MWC: Neelie Kroes pushes hard for 5G in Europe

EC has stumped up €50m for even faster mobile networks

Wed Feb 27 2013, 13:51

UK IPv6 transition group 6UK pulls its own plug

Board quits over power struggle

Mon Dec 10 2012, 13:38

Motorola/Verizon New York launch event: Live blog

How will they upstage Nokia/Microsoft Lumia launches earlier on Wednesday?

Wed Sep 05 2012, 18:45

Broadcom and Emulex make a $58m patent licensing deal

Smartphones are not the only patent battles in town

Fri Jul 06 2012, 15:50

UK advances in this year's Global Information Technology Report

Ranks 10th globally for network readiness

Thu Apr 05 2012, 11:46

O2 is going ahead with London WiFi rollout

In time for 2012 Olympics

Mon Jan 09 2012, 11:47

Bluetooth SIG introduces Smart mark for Bluetooth 4.0

Iphone 4S is already marked with approval

Tue Oct 25 2011, 17:18

Selling fake Cisco gear nets woman a five year prison term

And a $2.7m fine

Mon Sep 12 2011, 14:03

Fresh Amazon outage downs Foursquare, Netflix and Reddit

EC2 connectivity issues rain down on Web 2.0 firms

Tue Aug 09 2011, 09:59

Freescale launches a 50Gbits/s network chip

Meeting the demands of downloaders

Tue Jun 21 2011, 16:26

Netgear readies dual-band 750Mbps wireless router

Fires on both bands

Tue Apr 26 2011, 13:50

video icon Intel Thunderbolt video demo

10Gbps data transfer technology

Fri Feb 25 2011, 13:24

Acer debuts Revo 100 multimedia device

Supports proprietary media sharing

Tue Dec 07 2010, 12:53

Intel snaps up Axxia to bolster its wireless networking credentials

Part of its wireless office vision

Thu Aug 14 2014, 15:45

Telias transatlantic cable link goes down and messes with your internet

Worst things happen undersea

Tue May 20 2014, 10:47

Viewsonic claims the world's first Android thin client

Android powered smart display has Citrix Xenmobile software pre-installed

Thu Oct 24 2013, 16:26

Vodafone confirms no 4G until September as it waits for the iPhone 6

Might be waiting on iOS support

Wed May 22 2013, 16:20

Government spooks want more internet and mobile data to fight crime

Can't get enough data from spying on Facebook chats alone

Wed Feb 06 2013, 16:00

Kim Dotcom wants a transoceanic fibre cable

Plans free broadband in New Zealand

Mon Nov 05 2012, 09:38

RIPE has a month's worth of IPv4 addresses left

Panic buying time

Wed Sep 05 2012, 11:07

Western Digital gets into the networking business with My Net routers

More ways to package hard drives

Thu Jun 14 2012, 15:01

A look at the technology behind the London Olympics

From 12,000 PCs to WiFi on the London Tube

Fri Mar 09 2012, 16:31

Europe needs to move to IPv6

And the time is now

Thu Dec 01 2011, 15:42

US government shuns Huawei over spying fears

Chinese firm has no place in new national wireless network

Tue Oct 11 2011, 14:26

4G spectrum auction delayed in the UK

UK falls farther behind the US

Tue Sep 06 2011, 10:48

BT is increasing copper speeds in the UK

Plans to double speeds at hundreds of exchanges

Wed Jul 27 2011, 17:06

Laser smashes data transfer records

26 terabits per second with a single laser

Tue May 24 2011, 10:01

AT&T buys T-Mobile’s US business

Wins back the Iphone plus increased coverage

Mon Mar 21 2011, 16:15

Vendors start the IPv6 hard sell

Panic equals profits

Mon Feb 07 2011, 10:59
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