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US intelligence signs up IBM to build an eco-friendly supercomputer

Technical advancements will pave the way to cool HPC

Fri Dec 05 2014, 15:59

Intel releases 16GB Xeon Phi 7120 accelerator

More memory for researchers

Mon Jun 17 2013, 18:00

Japan plans to design an exascale replacement for its K computer

Doesn't want to fall behind the Chinese

Thu May 09 2013, 17:20

Nvidia says Volta's stacked DRAM will increase memory capacity

It's not just about bandwidth

Wed Mar 20 2013, 22:07

AMD's Firepro S10000 beats Nvidia's Tesla K20X in Green 500

Showing some fight

Thu Nov 15 2012, 17:11

Cray jumped from AMD for the flexibility and performance of Intel chips

Claims world class performance

Thu Nov 08 2012, 08:00

AMD launches four TFLOPS Firepro S9000 accelerator

Goes up against Nvidia's Tesla K10

Tue Aug 28 2012, 12:33

HP says Project Gemini ARM servers will come soon after Atom

Intel delivered the goods first

Thu Jun 21 2012, 16:19

Nvidia says Tesla K20 systems will be out before November

ISC 12 Gives Intel something to think about

Mon Jun 18 2012, 16:00

Cray to support Intel's Xeon Phi in Cascade clusters

ISC 12 Says more accelerator announcements are coming

Mon Jun 18 2012, 13:30

IBM's Watson supercomputer will advise Citigroup

Watson gets a job in the financial sector

Wed Mar 07 2012, 10:11

Fujitsu offers 16-core Sparc chip to HPC customers

No GPGPU here

Tue Nov 08 2011, 12:03

Nvidia is knocked off the top spot in the Top 500 list by a Sparc beast

ISC 11 Leaves Intel, AMD and Nvidia in its dust

Tue Jun 21 2011, 08:06

Android marches on

Takes a quarter of the market

Tue Nov 02 2010, 10:57

AMD turns up the heat on Nvidia's GPGPUs

Analysis The master is about to face an old pretender

Tue Aug 17 2010, 16:11

HPC vendors are ready to dump Nvidia

Exclusive Time to look at alternatives

Thu May 27 2010, 20:59

Supercomputing will get an SSD upgrade

Flash Gordon to the rescue

Wed Nov 11 2009, 17:36

HP explores new territory with Apollo supercomputer

Firm broadens server range into high-performance computing arena

Mon Jun 09 2014, 23:00

Intel claims first place in Top 500 with Xeon Phi

AMD Firepro continues to drive the most power efficient cluster

Mon Jun 17 2013, 14:59

Cray announces XC30-AC air-cooled HPC cluster supporting Xeon Phi and Tesla accelerators

Cuts the cost of accelerator access

Tue May 07 2013, 16:31

Dell says customers can't fill racks with Tesla K20 servers

Power limits GPGPU potential

Wed Mar 20 2013, 21:17

Cray buys server vendor Appro

Will rebrand kit as its own

Mon Nov 12 2012, 15:31

Cray launches Cascade XC30 supercomputer

Uses Intel Xeon chips, not AMD Opteron processors

Thu Nov 08 2012, 08:00

Cray adds Nvidia Tesla support in Cascade cluster

Doesn't rely on Xeon Phi

Thu Aug 16 2012, 12:34

Xeon Phi lost to a Core i5 cluster on energy efficiency

AMD also scores a surprising Top 500 win

Wed Jun 20 2012, 17:45

IBM's Bluegene leads the Top 500 list

ISC 12 Intel feels IBM's Power

Mon Jun 18 2012, 14:55

IBM aims to build a low-power exascale cluster in five years

To find a galaxy far, far away

Mon Apr 02 2012, 14:30

MPs say the Met Office needs a bigger supercomputer to predict the weather

Shower praise on computation

Tue Feb 21 2012, 13:07

NCSA cancels its petaflop supercomputer deal with IBM

Can't meet price requirements

Tue Aug 09 2011, 12:12

Intel hits out at closed HPC programming standards

ISC 11 Points to Nvidia in everything but name

Tue Jun 21 2011, 07:54

Isuppli tears down the Galaxy Tab

It's just a big smartphone really

Tue Nov 02 2010, 10:04

Nvidia's Fermi GPUs get squeezed into blade servers

Blades of glory

Mon Jul 19 2010, 16:59

SGI advances Linux on the HPC front

Analysis Goes where Microsoft and Apple can't

Thu May 20 2010, 13:21

Intel Xeon W3580 CPU and Asus P6T7 WS mainboard

First INQpressions Personal supercomputer workstation

Wed Aug 26 2009, 18:12

Nvidia announces Geoint Accelerator suite touting US intelligence users

For finding needles in haystacks faster

Thu Jul 18 2013, 14:53

Google and NASA launch a quantum artificial intelligence lab

Buy a $15m D-Wave quantum computer

Thu May 16 2013, 17:10

Campaign to put Alan Turing on a £10 note fails

David Beckham still in the running

Thu Mar 21 2013, 12:09

Nvidia says Intel's Xeon Phi helps it win new business

Intel lends credibility to accelerators

Thu Nov 22 2012, 17:02

Nvidia launches double-precision Tesla K20 series accelerators

Powers Titan to top of Top 500 list

Mon Nov 12 2012, 14:00

Nvidia Tesla K20 cards debut in Cray XK7 in Oak Ridge Titan cluster

Much more powerful than Jaguar

Mon Oct 29 2012, 07:02

HP expects Xeon Phi to complement, not replace Nvidia Tesla

Xeon Phi is not the only card in town

Thu Jun 21 2012, 18:21

IBM says Xeon Phi will not be popular in Bluegene clusters

ISC 12 Big Blue sticks to Power

Mon Jun 18 2012, 16:56

Intel Xeon Phi comes in at 150 in the Top 500 list

ISC 12 Respectable if unspectatular start

Mon Jun 18 2012, 13:57

China's supercomputers are super, just not all of them

Column Showing the right face to the world does matter, too

Fri Mar 30 2012, 15:38

Supercomputing Conference 2011 highlights tip up

Nvidia, Facebook, OpenCL, and performance

Fri Nov 18 2011, 13:10

video icon Intel 'Everest' Xeon server is submerged for 4.8GHz overclock

ISC 11 Banksters go for overclocking

Wed Jun 22 2011, 08:43

Wikileaks gets booted off Amazon

Hey you, get off of my cloud.

Thu Dec 02 2010, 09:42

HP stuffs 3 GPGPUs into a pizza box server

Tries to offer pick and mix performance

Tue Oct 05 2010, 18:39

Nvidia is losing on the HPC front

Analysis Forget Fermi, bring on the Atom

Fri May 28 2010, 17:06

Nvidia cuts Tesla's performance

Fails to deliver on promises

Thu May 06 2010, 14:07
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