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LG Display develops 'world's narrowest' smartphone bezel at 0.7mm

Features on a 5.3in Full HD LCD smartphone panel

Fri Oct 31 2014, 10:32

AMD launches Firepro graphics updates for CAD workstations

Firepro W series to offer double memory with GCN

Tue Aug 12 2014, 14:34

Nvidia swaps angry birds for thumbs up from Torvalds

Turns out the bird isn't the word

Mon Feb 03 2014, 17:06

Plastic Logic teams with Cambridge University to develop flexible electronics

R&D programme aims to commercialise flexible OLED and LCD displays

Wed Jun 26 2013, 15:45

Nvidia says next Citrix Xenserver will support virtual machines on Kepler GPUs

Microsoft HyperV support is coming later

Wed May 22 2013, 18:10

CES: Asus announces a limited edition Ares II graphics card

Claims it's the best on the market for PC gaming

Wed Jan 09 2013, 11:42

Nvidia launches Quadro K5000 for Apple's Mac Pro

Unloved workstation gets graphics boost

Fri Sep 07 2012, 22:31

Google Nexus 7 vs key tablet rivals

We see how Google's Jelly Bean-flavoured Nexus 7 compares with the Ipad, Galaxy Tab and the rest of the competition

Fri Jun 29 2012, 14:51

EVGA Geforce GTX 680 vs Sapphire Radeon HD 7970

AMD and Nvidia battle for your £450

Wed Jun 06 2012, 13:51

Nvidia announces Kepler based cloud rendering service

Games to all devices

Wed May 16 2012, 12:36

AOC i2352Vh monitor review

A value for money IPS display

Wed Feb 15 2012, 17:18

Viewsonic PLED-W500 projector review

Portable projector let down by poor audio and lack of brightness

Fri Jan 06 2012, 17:08

AOC announces an Apple Iphone docking monitor

One for the Apple fanbois

Wed Dec 21 2011, 10:13

AOC i2353Fh monitor review

A reasonably priced and stylish IPS monitor

Fri Nov 18 2011, 15:58

Apple Iphone 4S gaming hands-on review

The best is yet to come

Mon Oct 17 2011, 16:55

Asus launches its Republic of Gamers Mars II graphics card

With dual Geforce GTX580 GPUs

Wed Aug 17 2011, 17:22

HIS launches its AMD Radeon HD6770 graphics cards

Factory overclock nosed out by Gigabyte

Thu Jul 21 2011, 16:21

Apple and GT Advanced Technologies settle $439m sapphire display pre-payment

Should steady GT's sapphire screen business

Sat Oct 25 2014, 10:02

AMD unveils the Radeon R9 295X2, the 'world's fastest' graphics card

Boasts a closed-loop, pre-assembled and maintenance-free liquid cooling system

Tue Apr 08 2014, 16:11

ARM acquires lighting specialist Geomerics

A shot in the ARM for mobile gamers

Fri Dec 13 2013, 16:49

Nvidia launches Geforce GTX 760 touting Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty performance

Rebranding keeps the pressure on AMD

Wed Jun 26 2013, 12:14

AMD announces reference dual-GPU Radeon HD 7990 graphics card

Aimed at gamers looking to 4k resolution

Wed Apr 24 2013, 05:00

CES: LG announces Windows 8 optimised monitors

Designed for graphics professionals

Mon Jan 07 2013, 17:31

Nvidia releases Geforce GTX 660Ti board

Aims to become gamers' favourite

Thu Aug 16 2012, 14:00

US researchers develop a two gigapixel camera

AWARE2 takes photos at 250 times the resolution of an 8MP compact camera

Thu Jun 21 2012, 17:49

EVGA recalls Geforce GTX 670 Superclock graphics cards

Offers punters a free upgrade

Thu May 17 2012, 15:30

Nvidia releases Kepler based Geforce GTX 670

Slowly trickling down to affordable boards

Thu May 10 2012, 15:54

Lenovo unveils its K91 Android 4.0 powered Smart TV

Also known as a giant Android phone

Mon Jan 09 2012, 00:00

AMD pushes HD 7950 graphics card launch to February

Avoiding another paper launch

Wed Jan 04 2012, 12:31

Zalman will be an AMD graphics board partner

Yet another choice

Mon Dec 12 2011, 13:15

AMD releases its entry-level Firepro V4900 graphics card

Turks comes to workstations

Wed Nov 02 2011, 16:36

AMD's head of products exits

New CEO Read to take on duties

Fri Sep 23 2011, 15:17

Mobiles to support 3D gesture input and multi-player by 2016, says ARM

Chip designer ARM predicts Xbox Kinect-like technology on phones

Thu Aug 04 2011, 14:26

Asus Geforce Direct CU II, GTX580 and GTX570 review

Unique, easily overclocked designs

Fri Jun 24 2011, 16:55

IDF: Intel's tiny Edison chip for wearables is available for $50

Firm also shows off its second generation Basis Peak smartwatch

Wed Sep 10 2014, 09:56

Nvidia eyes AMD with Maxwell powered Geforce GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti GPUs

Low power makes them perfect for Steam OS

Tue Feb 18 2014, 16:18

Nvidia cripples its Linux driver to match Windows

Clips its own product's wings to please Microsoft

Mon Oct 07 2013, 15:28

Sony to kick off Wimbledon with 4K TV trial

Tennis star to sport ads on fingernails to showcase detail of Ultra HD

Mon Jun 24 2013, 16:14

Nvidia says upgrading a Grid VCA server will void the warranty

System operates on a hardware specifications knife edge

Wed Mar 20 2013, 23:49

Set-top box running Android brings hand gesture control to any TV

Ntobebox allows users to perform any function on the remote control with gestures

Tue Sep 18 2012, 14:43

Nvidia reveals K20 GPU with Quadro K5000

Delays Tesla K20 for another month

Wed Aug 08 2012, 13:39

video icon Viewsonic VCD22 first impressions [Video]

We get a look at Viewsonic's mammoth 22in tablet

Thu Jun 07 2012, 10:00

Nvidia says Geforce Grid could hurt desktop GPU sales

Looks at the bigger picture

Thu May 17 2012, 14:50

Nvidia launches dual-GPU Geforce GTX 690

Twice the Kepler

Mon Apr 30 2012, 12:40

2D to 3D conversion vs 3D head to head review

The ins and outs of both approaches to 3D

Fri Jan 06 2012, 17:29

AMD releases Tahiti-based Radeon HD 7970

Fabbed at 28nm but only for enthusiasts

Thu Dec 22 2011, 17:12

Fujifilm announces its Finepix Real 3D V3 display

A 3D digital photo frame

Tue Nov 01 2011, 12:34

HIS announces its AMD Radeon 6570 silent graphics card

Quieter than a mouse

Thu Sep 22 2011, 10:43

LG Flatron D2342P monitor review

A 3D monitor that doesn't do 3D very well

Wed Jul 27 2011, 17:09
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