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Dell set to launch AMD Phenom, QuadFire system

XPS moving from Intel-only, Nvidia-only

Sat Nov 10 2007, 14:04

Coolermaster case is both clever and smart

First INQpressions Coolermaster Cosmos 1000

Thu Nov 08 2007, 14:38

HP releases mother of all Workstations

Father of all lies rejoices

Wed Nov 07 2007, 14:59

Apple unfreezes Imacs

Apply hot breath

Fri Nov 02 2007, 12:07

Sparkle launches Jekyll and Hyde cards

One for elegant computing, another to unleash a monster inside you

Mon Oct 29 2007, 16:04

Buy GeForce 8800GT today for 130 quid

Club3D, Sparkle, Zotac confirm the specs

Sat Oct 27 2007, 16:15

How Apple can change IT’s spots

Comment Leopard to unleash the business beast within

Tue Oct 23 2007, 11:50

How Dell LatAm pushes buyers towards Samsung, Acer

Opinion The Texans could learn something from the Chaebol

Sat Oct 20 2007, 20:01

Matrox releases graphics cards

Legendary Millenium gets another P690 Series

Wed Oct 17 2007, 04:43

Alienware is first with 64GB SSDs

Brands hybrid disks obsolete

Thu Oct 11 2007, 16:59

Acer ends up with Packard Bell

Binding offer

Tue Oct 09 2007, 12:21

Working RV670, Phenom system pixellated

Exclusive Spider computer working all nicely in Seattle

Sat Oct 06 2007, 16:00

RV670 clocks are not yet defined

And at the third stroke it'll be 800MHz, or thereabouts

Tue Oct 02 2007, 12:00

Someone's making massive margins in this business

And it's not us PC makers, moans Acer chief

Fri Sep 21 2007, 16:26

Noctua moves to rescue Intel's V8

Performance and noise do not need to go together

Wed Sep 19 2007, 18:57

The differences between Mac and PC users exposed

Surprising statistics

Wed Sep 19 2007, 09:25

Intel shows off 32 nanometre wafer, talks Nehalem

IDF Fall 007

Tue Sep 18 2007, 17:58

AMD's Phenom/790FX utility could be a jewel

First INQpressions AMD Overdrive

Sat Nov 10 2007, 13:53

Sapphire's 790FX board pixellated

Website features PCB, retail packaging images

Thu Nov 08 2007, 14:00

AMD prepares DX10.1 part for AGP computers

King of the AGP upgrade market, Daamit

Tue Nov 06 2007, 16:51

Open source hardware comes out of closet

Build your own device

Fri Nov 02 2007, 08:59

The INQ grills 8800GT with DX10 hit-titles

First INQpressions Gainward Geforce 8800GT 512MB

Mon Oct 29 2007, 14:13

Huge Nvidian 8800GT die pictured

How to fill out a 300mm wafer - with DX10.0 G92 chips

Thu Oct 25 2007, 19:31

Alienware starts recycling: meet AlienExchange

Old lamps for new

Tue Oct 23 2007, 11:30

Uberclok offers factory overclocked PCs

E For All 2007 Cheap parts, mean cheap PC

Fri Oct 19 2007, 08:27

GigaByte debuts Socket AM2 , AMD 790FX

Boards selling in Blighty, Germany, France, Croatia, Serbia...

Wed Oct 17 2007, 04:43

Dell streams into diskless desktops

Bad news for hard drive makers

Thu Oct 11 2007, 10:39

AMD new chipset logo pixellated

RD790 chipset will be known as 790FX

Mon Oct 08 2007, 14:02

iMetal Imac fReezes uP

Bloke bugged

Thu Oct 04 2007, 17:20

Dell goes straight to the shops in China

Direct model ditched on eastern front

Tue Sep 25 2007, 12:27

Radeon HD2900Pro 1GB, and2900GT 256MB appear

European stores get cards early

Fri Sep 21 2007, 13:23

AMD silently launches R630 GPU - the HD2900Pro

Lower-spec R600 model available today from GeCube

Wed Sep 19 2007, 17:16

Intel Skulltrail supports SLI, Quad SLI

IDF Fall 007 When Nvidia fixes its multi-GPU tech

Wed Sep 19 2007, 01:01

AMD Tri-Core Phenom to ride on Xbox 360 fame

Core Wars X3 to solve the yield dilemma

Tue Sep 18 2007, 10:42

Zotac to bring HDMI to 8800GT

8800GT with DVI audio set to launch next week

Fri Nov 09 2007, 18:14

INQ buys a 790FX motherboard in Croatia

We go shopping for bananas and motherboards

Thu Nov 08 2007, 11:58

Mandriva’s Nigeria-gate man speaks to the INQ

Keeping his legal powder dry for now

Fri Nov 02 2007, 18:31

AMD Phenom, 790FX and Radeon HD 3850/3870 gear up for AM D-Day

Monday 19th November

Mon Oct 29 2007, 19:18

Crossfire X to work on Nvidia, Intel and AMD chipsets

Diamond xDNA marchitecture covers every possible multi-GPU chipset

Mon Oct 29 2007, 10:06

DAAMIT bores with DTX non-starter

More form factor foolery

Tue Oct 23 2007, 17:05

Nvidia has 50,000 boards for 8800GT launch

Hard launch has some limitations

Tue Oct 23 2007, 10:36

An enthusiast PC manufacturer appears, shock

Uberclok makes an appearance

Thu Oct 18 2007, 01:28

AMD 790FX chipset consumes only 8W

Northbridge with 30+ PCIe Gen2 lanes needs only passive cooling

Thu Oct 11 2007, 19:57

Nvidia's G92 is little more than G80 in 65nm

VP2 engine, 128 scalar units

Wed Oct 10 2007, 17:17

Sapphire shows of 3GPU setup with R600 boards

WCG 007 Three Sapphire cards, six Samsung LCD monitors

Sun Oct 07 2007, 04:59

Nvidia to launch Nforce 780i on Halloween

Frankenbridge meets Frankenstein

Wed Oct 03 2007, 09:48

First eight core, Quad SLI game demonstrated

Intel Skulltrail, four 8800 Ultras for a console conversion

Mon Sep 24 2007, 12:28

Acer adopts multi-brand approach

Gateway, Parkard Bell to live on

Fri Sep 21 2007, 11:49

Intel's Nehalem pixellated

IDF Fall 007 45nm native quad-core in Socket 775

Wed Sep 19 2007, 17:08

Intel's market slide shows consoles are whitewash

Intel Developer Forum Research firm caught smoking something...

Tue Sep 18 2007, 21:51
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