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Seagate promises 60 terabyte 3.5-inch hard drives within 10 years

Storage firm breaks the terabit per square inch barrier

Wed Mar 21 2012, 10:11

UK aims to recycle precious metals from old phones and laptops

Scheme to salvage precious metals wasted when old phones and PCs are dumped

Fri Mar 16 2012, 13:01

Apple is not allowed to sue Kodak over patents

US judge rules in favour of camera maker

Fri Mar 09 2012, 12:24

Toshiba suffered last quarter, posting a loss

Apple sales didn't help much

Tue Jan 31 2012, 15:15

MSI announces its Big Bang Xpower II motherboard

More powerful than ever

Tue Jan 03 2012, 11:16

Samsung introduces its Exynos 5250 processor

Sets the bar at 2GHz

Wed Nov 30 2011, 12:28

Intel’s Haswell chip will use a new socket

Gets a major component shuffle

Thu Nov 10 2011, 14:22

ARM announces its Cortex A7 processor

With a ‘Big.little’ dual processor approach

Thu Oct 20 2011, 10:28

video icon Intel formally introduces Claremont

IDF 2011 A near threshold voltage processor

Fri Sep 16 2011, 00:46

Intel announces an accelerated Atom roadmap

IDF 2011 Combines Core, Xeon and Atom design teams

Wed Sep 14 2011, 01:22

Intel plans to show it's still the x86 CPU king

IDF 2011 From smartphones to supercomputers

Fri Sep 09 2011, 16:24

AMD releases its C and E series Fusion APUs

For laptop and desktop PCs

Mon Aug 22 2011, 13:01

Asus launches its Republic of Gamers Mars II graphics card

With dual Geforce GTX580 GPUs

Wed Aug 17 2011, 17:22

AMD will shift to a fresh naming scheme

Bulldozer into 32nm

Fri Jul 22 2011, 17:38

HTC Corp buys S3 Graphics

Win-win for Cher Wang

Wed Jul 06 2011, 12:37

Inside the CERN control centre, in pictures

The INQUIRER tours the most expensive science lab on earth

Fri Jun 24 2011, 15:36

Asus announces an external 3D Blu-ray drive

With 2D to 3D conversion

Fri Apr 08 2011, 14:26

Nvidia cripples GPGPU in Geforce GTX 680

Exclusive Early look at Kepler

Tue Mar 20 2012, 16:57

Microsoft demos 1ms response touchscreen

Fast paced action

Tue Mar 13 2012, 14:28

Most Raspberry Pi PCs will be served at the end of April

But a few lucky geeks could get one next week

Mon Mar 05 2012, 11:34

AMD launches its Radeon HD 7950 graphics card

The more affordable 28nm card

Tue Jan 31 2012, 12:44

Nvidia loses fifth place in smartphone chip market to Broadcom

Could challenge Qualcomm for top spot

Wed Dec 07 2011, 10:58

MSI unveils its first X79 chipset motherboards

New chipset and LGA2011 socket

Mon Nov 14 2011, 16:01

MSI launches its Afterburner app for IOS

Overclock your PC graphics card with an Igadget

Wed Nov 09 2011, 16:28

AMD releases its Bulldozer FX series chips

With up to eight cores

Wed Oct 12 2011, 10:07

Intel sets a ten year goal for exascale computing

IDF 2011 Touts 300 times improvement

Fri Sep 16 2011, 00:37

video icon Intel shows off a solar powered PC

IDF 2011 Using just a desk lamp

Wed Sep 14 2011, 01:17

AMD launches its Interlagos Bulldozer chips

Should bring forward Intel's Sandy Bridge Xeon launch

Wed Sep 07 2011, 16:39

Intel announces new features for its Itanium Poulson chips

On course for 2012

Mon Aug 22 2011, 10:32

Samsung announces 30nm DDR3 RAM

More powerful and greener memory

Wed Aug 17 2011, 12:19

Silicon expert predicts smartphones to get electronic noses in 3-5 years

My phone's got no nose. How does it smell?

Thu Jul 14 2011, 01:19

Apple's Thunderbolt cable price is justified, Ifixit says

Gets a full teardown

Thu Jun 30 2011, 17:28

IBM shows off the old hardware in its basement

Historical hardware from IBM's 100 year history is on show at its Hursley site

Tue May 31 2011, 18:26

Apple's Iphone 5 and Ipod Touch will get better cameras

Getting snap happy with Sony

Mon Apr 04 2011, 14:25

Motorola cleared of infringing Apple's US patents

ITC rules against Ithing maker

Mon Mar 19 2012, 12:39

Raspberry Pi tries on Fedora Linux

If you are lucky enough to have got one, that is

Fri Mar 09 2012, 13:11

video icon Asus Transformer Prime video review

Hands on with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich hybrid tablet

Tue Feb 21 2012, 14:25

AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics card hits the shelves

The wait is over

Tue Jan 10 2012, 15:54

Gigabyte integrates Qualcomm Atheros’ Killer E2100 chipset

High-performance networking

Wed Nov 30 2011, 17:47

Intel launches its first Sandy Bridge E chips

Six cores and four memory channels

Mon Nov 14 2011, 13:32

Intel launches an upgraded Core i7 2700k chip

Small frequency jump and price cuts

Mon Oct 24 2011, 11:11

Intel X79 chipset and Socket 2011 are ready for the desktop

IDF 2011 Analysis 64GB of RAM in a standard PC

Tue Sep 20 2011, 15:06

Intel looks forward to Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks and beyond

IDF 2011 Don’t bother with Sandy Bridge

Wed Sep 14 2011, 22:30

Intel updates its roadmap

IDF 2011 Looks ahead to Haswell and Android devices

Tue Sep 13 2011, 19:58

AMD and Intel battle to win the high-end race

Analysis Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge E could both spill over into 2012

Wed Aug 24 2011, 15:56

AMD sweetens A-series APU launch with an SDK

Lowers price of Llano entry

Thu Aug 18 2011, 12:11

Intel offers software upgrades for its Core i3 chips

And a Pentium processor too

Mon Aug 15 2011, 10:59

Freescale gears up for e-reader push with trio of I.MX50x processors

Betting on big demand from those who shun dead tree reading

Wed Jul 13 2011, 02:54

MSI reveals its A75 Series AMD motherboard

For AMD Hudson D3 chipset

Mon Jun 27 2011, 17:24

Motion Computing ships its first x86 tablet

CL900 on sale now

Fri May 13 2011, 13:44
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